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9 Healthy Foods That Can Cause Food Poisoning

Posted on the 03 March 2016 by Health_news

9 Healthy Foods that can cause food poisoning

There are some foods that can upset the stomach. Usually these things happens if the food products or produce are consumed without being cleaned properly or not being cooked at temperatures that kill the germs and bacteria in them.

Food poisoning can attack anyone and it helps to be aware of the food items that can cause it and under what conditions these items upset the stomach.

So instead of avoiding these food items, just be cautious of the risks involved and identifying the signs of food that isn’t served as it should be.

9 Healthy Foods that can cause food poisoning

  • Eggs

This all time favorite that is consumed for breakfast can also upset our tummies. The fact is that eggs usually contain Salmonella bacteria. These bacteria will disappear only if cooked properly at the right temperature.

It lurks in eggs especially in the hot climate so make sure you store you eggs in the refrigerator.

  • Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are great for our health but they also can upset our stomach if not cleaned properly.

Green leafy vegetables might contain a lot of pesticides, dirt, bacteria or germs from improper handling, manure etc…

So if you consume these green wonders without really washing off all the stuff that contaminates it you will leave you with an upset stomach.

  • Meat

Meat needs to be stored at the right temperatures else it can start rotting and furthermore it generally is in a contaminated state when raw. Poultry is the highest cause of food poisoning.

So cook your chicken, meat and other meats thoroughly and also clean the surfaces properly where the raw meat has come in contact with.

  • Raw Milk

Raw milk is basically the milk that is not boiled or pasteurized to kill the bacteria in it. Raw milk usually contains bacteria like salmonella, e-coli and even campylobacter.

So unless you want to suffer from an upset stomach its better you boil and pasteurize the milk meant for consumption.

  • Shell fish

Raw and undercooked shellfish might be a delicacy but it can also cause an upset stomach. The reason being, that it is usually found at the bottom of the ocean floor filter feeding. So if you are experiencing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea it might be the shellfish you ate last night at a fancy restaurant.

If you do have to eat shellfish, make sure it’s cleaned and cooked, otherwise it will contain a lot of impurities.

  • Berries

Berries are harmless when fresh. But when they are preserved by freezing, care should be taken on hygiene. If handled in unhygienic conditions, it can pass on the germs and bacteria to people who consume it.

  • Ice cream

You must be wondering why a sweet treat like ice cream could upset your stomach. Well if the milk used in making your ice cream is raw or the eggs are not pasteurized like the milk, you could suffer from a case of salmonella or staphylococcus poisoning.

  • Fish

As soon as the fish is caught it needs to be kept at the right temperature, which is a cool temperature. If not stored at the right temperatures it can release toxins into the flesh of the fish that will not be killed even if it cooked subsequently.

  • Sprouts

As healthy as they may be and are encouraged to include in your daily meals, these sprouts can be infested with bacteria.

The seeds sprout in warm and moist conditions also making it the breeding ground for bacteria.

So be careful when you feed sprouts to kids and the elderly.

Be careful when you consume these food items. I don’t mean to ask you to exclude it from your diet but be aware of the conditions it has been made or stored.

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