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9 Confessions For Today

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I have not done one of these “expose myself” posts in a long time. We all have secrets. Here are a few of mine.

1. I am jealous of people who have running groups. I don’t have a group. It is probably my fault that I don’t have a group, but I don’t.

2. I often fart on the treadmill, just out of habit. I never know how loud it is because I am have my ear buds in. I hope everyone else does too.

9 Confessions For Today

3.  If I pick something out at the store and put it in my cart and decide I don’t want it, I never put it back. Never. I stick it somewhere it clearly doesn’t belong. If it was a refrigerated or frozen item I will make sure it is kept cold, but I never put it back where it goes.

4. Sometimes I feel like a super star when I run, and sometimes I feel like a turd. Yesterday I ran for 2 miles and was very, very tired. Did I mention I was going very, very slow? On days like this I think to myself – I am a fake. How do I run marathons? How in the hell did I ever pull out an Ironman?

5. On occasion when I’m feeding Heidi I want to taste her dog food. But, at the same time it grosses me out, so I don’t. Am I the only one who tried dog food when they were a kid? It was gross then, I’m guessing it hasn’t gotten a whole lot better.


6. Many mornings when I make the bed, I find candy in the sheets. That is because every night I eat candy in bed and I am a slob (that is a lonely Necco wafer, not a communion wafer):


7. I get hungry while watching the Biggest Loser and eat lots of junk food. And, drink wine. WDHM? (Would Dolvett Hate Me?)

9 Confessions For Today

8. I love my life but I always question if I’ve made the “right” professional choices. Did I major in the “right” thing? Did I take the “right” jobs? What if I had accepted my invitation into the Peace Corps?

9. Before I start every run I am not sure I can complete it. Then I do and I wonder why I questioned myself. Viscous cycle of running insecurity.

Now it’s your turn. One confession. BTW, I don’t floss either, but I always say I do.


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