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8 Pet Peeves You May Have About Runners

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Today I was at the grocery store and someone behind me committed the ultimate sin. I was doing my thing in my space by the register. I think it is a given that when you are in your register space, the person behind you gives you a few feet of space until all of your groceries are bagged, you have paid and you are on your way. Well, Aunt Edna behind me did not have a sense of personal space and stood behind me breathing on my French braid. That is very much not allowed.

I try not to let the “little” things bug me, but sometimes I can’t help it. We all have those things. And, believe it or not, there are  humongous pet peeves in the world of running. Don’t get me wrong, I happen to adore other runners. But there are about 8 things that do annoy me.

1. Stoppers. Runners who stop in the middle of a race to take a selfie, tie their shoe, cop a squat, whatever. I know sometimes stopping is essential, but for the love of Pheidippides, move to the side of the road, trail or path.

2. Porta potty go-ers who do not put the seat down as they are leaving the can. I very much despise walking into a porta potty and being welcomed by a pit full of steaming crap. I know the crap is there, but I’d rather not witness it. Closing the seat before you leave is just a common courtesy (just to clarify, I open/close the seat with my foot. Yes, I am that talented. I am not big on having e.coli on my fingers).

8 Pet Peeves You May Have About Runners

3. Non –Wavers. I consider myself to be a friendly type out on the roads. I like to acknowledge my fellow runners and cyclists. If I were a Harley Chick I would learn that special wave that the motorcyclists do with one another. If I were in a gang, I would invent a unique handshake that bonded us for life. So, I just don’t understand the runners who stare at me like I am crazy when I wave to them. I like it when people wave! When they are nice! When they acknowledge me! I am needy, yes it’s true. But, I am a friendly needy type!


4.  Garmin Die-Hards. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Garmin. I rarely run without it. It annoys me, however, when people argue with the race director if their Garmin says something different than the actual race distance. Garmins are not fool proof! They are not always right!

5. Unsolicited Advice Givers (UAGs). I did a whole post about this awhile back. The UAGs are the ones who you meet out on the road while running or who are part of a running group They are the ones who watch you run and give you unsolicited tips on your form. They are the ones who ask you about your training plan and tell you why it sucks. They are the ones who know everything without really knowing anything! I love advice. When I ask for it.

6. Change Lovers. Okay, I realize maybe you are on your way to a gumball or vending machine so you need to carrying $4 worth of change in your pocket. However, to other runners the clinking of quarters and dimes is enough to make all of us want to punch you (and steal your money).

7. Spitters. Spitting in and of itself while running is not a problem. In fact, I do it constantly. The problem is when a runner does not have aim and spits on another runner. I had this happen to me in a race. It was icky.

8. Treadmill Talkers. If you are able to run on the treadmill and talk on the phone you are either going to fall off or you are not working hard enough.


Give me your pet peeves.  If it is running with people who fart, then I am your worst nightmare.


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