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8 Months

By Rubytuesday
I am delighted and proud To tell you allThat I am 8 months smoke free today!After almost 20 years of smoking 30 a dayI finally gave up last August While I was away in LondonI think I can now officially call myself a non smoker
I loved smoking Loved every thing about itAt regular intervals through out the dayI used to make myself a cup of teaAnd take 5 minutes out for a cigaretteThose minutes were preciousI did my best thinking at this time 
Cigarettes punctuated my lifeAnd for a long time I had no desire to give upEven though I was spending €100 a week on themAnd was constantly brokeI loved them too much to give them upAnd of course I believed the myth that if you give up smokingThen you gain a lot of weightI wasn't going to chance it
I wish I could say that I gave up for health reasons I didn't I gave up because I could no longer afford themThat was the only reasonIf I were richI would definitely still be smoking
Last August My uncle went to Turkey And brought me back two cartons of my favorite brandI decided that when they were goneThen I would give upI smoked my head off for the next two weeks And thoroughly enjoyed every one of themThen One Monday morning At 10 30amI found myself with my last cigaretteI waited until I was dying for itThen I went out to the gardenSettled on the bench With a cup of teaAnd my bookConditions had to be perfect for my last oneI lit the cigaretteAnd inhaled deeplyI drank in every bit of itAnd all too soon it was over I smoked it right down to the buttAnd said my goodbyes as I extinguished itThat was itMy love affair with cigarettes was over
Since that morningI haven't looked backHaven't even wanted toI made up my mind that I was going to quit And when I put my mind to somethingI really give it my allIve heard it said That cigarettes are harder to give up than heroinJust to set the record straightThat is uter horse shitHeroin is by far the hardest thing I have ever given upDon't get me wrongGiving up smoking is trickyBut with heroin you have the double whammy of being both physically and mentally addictedAt least with smoking there are no physical withdrawalsIt's more a mental thing
Today is a good dayIt shows me that I can achieve when I put my mind to itThat I can overcome the obstacles in my lifeIt is possible to succeed at the goals we set ourselves Today is a good day 

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