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8 Hacks To Make You Hate Running Less

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Confession. Before this morning, I did not really understand what a “hack” was. I’ve been seeing this term all over the place, especially in articles and blog post titles. I always thought a hack was breaking into a computer or something.

At age 48 I’m easily confused by new terms and sometimes I just ignore them because I don’t need one more thing in my life (like, WTH is a fleek? Do I need to know this? Will it make my life better if I know this?)

Anyway, so after some research I learned that (in my own words) a “hack” is a strategy for doing something more efficiently than you did it before. Am I right? Kind of like short cut or a  clever approach to something. I get it. Like removing unnecessary obstacles that make things harder than they have to be.

Let’s see. Let’s see. I am sure I can up with some running hacks. Yes, maybe some ways to make running easier (or less painful) if you hate to run.

1. Run first thing in the morning before you over- think it. After work or school or breastfeeding all day you’re not going to want to go. So, just get it done at dawn dude!


2. Go as slow as you want to. Take walk breaks if you need to. If you hate running because you feel like you want to die every single moment of the run, then you are probably going too fast. Make it enjoyable.

3. Make a playlist JUST for your runs. Add all those favorite songs you forgot about that give you some extra spunk. My Heart Will Go On. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Ice Ice Baby. No one has to know the funny crap you listen to.

4. Sign up for a race. This might keep you motivated to run because once you put money down, it sucks to flush it down the toilet.

5. Find a friend to go with you. If you don't have any friends, at least find someone who can hold you accountable. Maybe it’s the cashier at the grocery store or the barista at your local coffee shop. Or, maybe you just text your mom after every run (if your mom knows how to text).

8 Hacks To Make You Hate Running Less

6.  If possible run somewhere beautiful even it it means maybe driving to a start place and climbing some hills.


7. Get a dog who needs to run or he/she will destroy your house. Dogs can be great motivators for your running. This is because some dogs HAVE to run or they will do very bad things.



8. Simply stop making excuses. If you want to run but come up with a million different reasons why you can’t do it that day (It’s too hot. It’s too cold. I’m constipated. I’m busy. The sky is blue), then you are just hurting yourself. When are you going to get that all you are guaranteed is today? If there is something you want to do, some goal you want to achieve, stop your bitching and go for it.

Any other running hacks to make it all easier?

What’s one word/term/phrase you just don’t get? Bae. Fleek. Onygophagist

Goofiest/best song on your iPod? Eye of the Tiger.


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