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8 Great Tips to Keep Your Relationship Happy #Infographic

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

With the New Year, I’d like to stress the importance of Keeping Your Relationship Happy.

8 Great Tips to Keep Your Relationship Happy

Easier said than done?

If you have a partner like me, you know how difficult it can to keep the happy face on. Cranky, my hubs, is just that. Too many years in the military have made him hard, cold, and not as whackadaisacal as me. I live for making people smile and laugh. I love to have happiness surround me. But as you know, probably all too well, there are people in the world (and maybe your partner) who strive on just being miserable.

If you have a Cranky-Pants

Living with a non-happy go lucky person can be very tiring. In order to keep your happiness, you strive to make those happy around you. But what makes that “grumpy cat” unhappy?

  • Constantly nagging
  • Not listening to them
  • Selfishness
  • Not letting go of previous resentments or disagreements
  • Outside interferences such as family members or friends
  • Money disputes
  • Not leaving them alone

I’m not saying it is OUR responsibility to keep the relationship happy. It takes two, right? However, some people tend to sway more on the “grumpy side” versus the “I’m happy to wake up to another day of making people smile” kind of person.

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Which one are you?

Do you wake up loving life? Is it your mission to live a happy life? Did you know that smiling on a daily basis can prolong your life?

Or are you one of those that wakes up and mumbles at having to get up out of bed and start their day. Do you find it hard to make yourself laugh?

Me? I love life! I will do the craziest stuff or say the weirdest things just to get a rile out of my hubs. Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve learned to perfect this. My hubs can be the ultimate grouchy arse and within minutes, I can get a smirk from acting just being myself.

Let’s look at other ways to make your partner cantankerous

Bad Habits to Avoid in a Relationship

From Visually.

Did you catch that last one?

Don’t compare your relationship to those of others – especially since you can’t see the whole picture.

I think this happens a lot in relationships. With the way technology is today, especially Facebook, those who may be in an unhappy relationship can look at the “good” life on Facebook and want that. Although, the good life can be right in their face, they just need to reach out and grab it.

Most people only want to show the good or happy side of their relationships. How many friends do you have that portray a happy relationship only to find out less than 6 months later they are divorcing?

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Happy relationships

Don’t kid yourself, relationships take work. If you are going to invest negativity into a relationship, you are asking for self-destruction.

Invest time in

  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Generosity
  • Have fun
  • Be passionate
  • Ask “What made you smile today?”
  • Keep it sexy
  • Spend time together but don’t overcrowd
  • Be intimate, just not sex
  • If you must apologize, be sincere

With just a few of these tips, you could improve your relationship and take it back to your happy place.

Over to you

What did you think of the infographic? Do you think it makes sense? Are those viable items that could put a big ole rut in your relationship? What would you add?

Let’s talk about it!


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