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8 Friday Favies

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

friday favorites

+ No.1: Have I mentioned I take hip hop once a week? I am obsessed. I hate hate hate working out, but hip hop is actually something I love. Thursday is my favorite day of the week, other than Friday

. I may not the most swaggy dancer, but listening to good music for an hour while working up a sweat ain’t too shabby. That being said, my friend Kika just got the cutest dance shoes, and I am dying for them. The Reebok Dance UR Lead mids are to-die-for, and they come in the cutest colors.

+ No.2: The last two nights in the row I have dreamt about turtles, more specifically me having one as a pet. I am sure I could google what turtles in a dream represent, but I just think it means I should get a turtle. My boyfriend used to have a turtle, and he was the coolest man ever, plus my grandma always had a huge obsession with turtles… all signs point to a new future family member. I am already brainstorming names.

+ No.3: I am always seeing things on websites I love, but being a DIYer, it’s basically in my blood to figure out how to make it myself. My future project? A pair of Wrapped Ear Buds, how are can it be? Just got to freshen up my friendship bracelet making skills from the camp days.

+ No.4: Yea okay so this Moschino Save Nature Silk Scarf is way toooo expensive for just about anyone ($270), but it’s amazing nonetheless. If I won the lotto, this thing would be mine… even if I still cringe of the thought of paying that much for a scarf.

+ No.5: My sleep attire is usually just an old tee and some shorts, but as of late I have kind of been loving nightgowns (not the grandma type, cute ones) and PJ sets. Why wouldn’t you want to look cute in your sleep? At 12 bucks total, I am thinking about getting both the the hippy owl set and the french bull dog set. Hey big spender.

+ No.6: I am obsessed with beanies (seen here & here), and this “Ain’t No Wifey” one by Dimepiece Designs is screaming my name. Too bad it’s almost summer, although I will probably be the weirdo pairing a beanie with a bikini anyways. Why nottt?

+ No.7: Randomly I will all the sudden decide I like something, and then I fixate and obsess over whatever it is. Right now it’s pineapples (current background on my phone). I usually don’t shop PINK by Victoria Secret, but that’s about to change as this Pineapple iPhone case is sitting in my cart as we speak… along with some bikinis.

+ No.8: Last but not least, my hip hop teacher kills it with the music in her class, so I thought I’d share the playlist. If you like rap/ hip hop, you will love these tunes.



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