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8 Evergreen Macbook Pro Maintenance Tips for Every Owner

Posted on the 05 February 2020 by Rahulthepcl

Macbooks are a bit different from what you may be used to after years of working on computers. They need more attention, and those who neglect this part tend to be sorry when they end up with something that is no longer performing the way it did at the very start.

8 Evergreen Macbook Pro Maintenance Tips for Every Owner

Of course, expecting for Macbook to last forever would be a stretch no matter how you look at it, but if you do not want to pay more money in the future when buying a replacement, why not look to keep things in check.

Top 8 MacBook Pro Maintenance Tips for Every Owner

If you have become a proud Mac owner just recently, it is highly likely that you still lack experience in all things related to a Macbook, including its maintenance. This article should work as a wonderful reference source and help everyone.

1. Cache Files

Every time you install a new application and run it, a cache folder for the said app gets created. This may not seem like that big of a problem, but if you want a well-run computer, storage space is significant. Cache and other kinds of temporary files take up a decent chunk of your hard drive. This
article explains how to clear the cache on mac and solve the problem. And do remember that you need to be doing this consistently rather than just one time.

2. Data Backup

Data backup is another thing you want to be regularly doing. Even the most recent installments of Macbooks end up crashing when you least expect it. If you get in the habit of backing your data once every two weeks or a month, you can rest assured knowing that in case something happens, you will still be able to retain your most relevant information.

8 Evergreen Macbook Pro Maintenance Tips for Every Owner

There are multiple ways to do that. Some people prefer to use cloud-based software and transfer their files to things like Dropbox or iCloud. Others use applications like Time Machine. It all comes down to personal preference.

3. Services and App Running in the Background

Some things that are running in the background require a lot of resources. You should open your Activity Monitor tool and sort the processes by energy usage. Look at the biggest offenders and consider whether it is worth having them in the first place.
There should be alternatives. Internet browsers are a good example. Test as many as you can to see which put on the least burden on your system.

4. Always Have Enough Hard Drive Space

There may be instances when you start to get warning messages about a lack of drive space. If that happens, do not panic and look at how you can salvage the situation.

8 Evergreen Macbook Pro Maintenance Tips for Every Owner

Delete everything that has no place on your computer. Be it old files, apps that are no longer of any use to you, etc. And when in doubt, look for advice on the internet.

5. Disk Utility

Disk Utility is one of those apps you will find on every Macbook. And it is there for an excellent reason. The hard drive disk is one of the critical components of the whole hardware, and you want to ensure that it stays in the best possible shape.
Try to run disk utility at least twice every month. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but if you are consistent, prolonging the life of a hard drive should not be that much of a problem.

6. Cluttered Desktop

Never end up in a place where you put all your icons on the desktop. It just so happens that it causes more issues than benefits. Not to mention the fact that there are hardly any benefits in the first place. The only exception is that you have everything in the same place.
RAM is used to display every icon on there, and the more of these are on the desktop, the heavier is the burden for the RAM. Organize things and put everything in the right folders.

7. Anti-Virus and Malware

You may stumble upon some claims that Macbooks do not need anti-virus software. This is one of the ridiculous myths out there. There are multiple ways that your Macbook can catch malware or a virus, even if you are avoiding shady websites or downloads from torrents.

8 Evergreen Macbook Pro Maintenance Tips for Every Owner

Having anti-virus software is not enough. Perform regular scans and make sure that you are not in danger of viruses or malware.

8. Software Update

Software and OS update is a tricky topic. While most people have no problems whenever they update the versions, some have encountered problems, especially when it comes to the operating system.
Be it something on their part or Apple's, but the overall performance suddenly drops down. Try to do some testing yourself and see which method works best for you. In general, it is always better to have the newest version, but if it gets in the way of speed and performance, you may want to take another route.

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