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7 Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office

By Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

7 Ways to Stay Healthy at the OfficeSometimes sitting in your desk chair for eight hours straight makes you want to go home and, what else? Sit for a few more hours until you go to sleep. Keeping healthy and active during the day at work can help you be more productive and have more enjoyable evenings.

Try these 7 tips to be a healthy employee and live a healthier overall life:

1. Have Healthy Mid-day Snacks Available

If you have healthy alternatives nearby, you are less inclined to head to the vending machine for that Snickers bar or bag of Cheetos. If your office has a refrigerator in the kitchen, prepare cut up celery, carrots, peppers and cucumbers to keep on hand for snacking. If your office doesn’t have a fridge, keep some low calorie snacks like almonds (about 10 is a serving), 100 calorie packs, and low sugar granola bars at your desk. Try these other healthy snacks as well.

2. Check for Gym Perks or Corporate Discounts

Check to see if your company has any special perks at a nearby gym. Many companies have deals with local gyms that will give you a discounted membership or, if you’re one of the lucky ones, sometimes companies pay for the entire monthly fee. Most employees don’t take advantage of all the benefits their companies offer; make sure you’re not one of them.

3. Move Around

Find a nearby lunch spot where you can eat your lunch besides eating it at your desk. Walk around your office building, walk outside in the parking lot, or walk down the street. You really do need a lunch break, not only to get your body moving for a few minutes, but also to give your eyes and mind a break.

4. Beware of the Birthday Treats

Everyone’s aware of the Birthday treats and how frequently they tend to wind up on your desk. When it is someone’s birthday, instead of making them decadent cupcakes or a triple layer chocolate cake, try one of these 100 Healthy Cookie Recipes. Everyone will be thankful for a healthy option and happy to have an afternoon treat.

5. Keep Your Posture in Check

Make sure you are not slumped over your desk staring at your computer screen for hours at a time. Many computer screen monitors are not tall enough to be viewed at eye level, causing you to look downwards and create neck and back soreness. Office supply stores sell stands to make your computer monitors eye level. Bottom line: keep your back straight and head up!

6. Bring a Small Refillable Water Bottle to Work

When you finish it, get up and refill it! Walking back and forth from the water cooler will keep you moving through the day. Water bottle or not, make sure you are getting up at least once an hour to stretch out your legs.

7. Clean Your Desk At Least Once a Week

If you don’t keep your desk clean, dust collects, you sneeze, and germs fly everywhere! Get some disinfecting wipes and wipe down every Friday afternoon—your keyboard, mouse, phone and monitor. This will help prevent germs being transmitted to other co-workers or even to your food if you eat at your desk.

At this point, I hope your desk is clean, you’re not slumped over, and you’re making a list of healthy office snacks to buy at the grocery store. If that’s the case, you’re well on your way to having a healthier work (and personal) life.

What other tips do you have for staying healthy at the office? Share your comments below!

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