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7 Tips To Look Gorgeous This Summer

By Ishita Sesha @makeupert
It is not an easy task to look the best all the time, especially during the summer season. The climate never allows you to be the same when it comes to your looks, and you will be looking tired mostly this season. All this can affect your makeup, your beauty and the way you carry off yourself anytime anywhere.
One needs to be very much cautious and careful with the way she does her makeup this season. It brings a lot of sweat, perspiration and you also feel your face more oily compared to earlier times. It is because your skin opens the pores and secretes more oil this season. You are likely to get a lot of pimples and rashness this time. So, how to cover up with all these issues? Right makeup and the good caring tips with the season are the best solutions to cover up the flaws in your looks during the summer. Have a look at a list of such seven tips to look gorgeous this summer.
Use Summer-Proof Makeup Products
Makeup is sometimes unavoidable no matter if you like it or not. The climate will not favor you much to look good as well. So it is better to use summer-proof makeup products. It means use only such products that have SPF protection. It will help you to stay protected from the harmful rays of the Sun and also will make your skin oily.
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7 Tips To Look Gorgeous This Summer

7 Tips To Look Gorgeous This Summer

Bye-Bye to Foundation

Say no to the foundation during the summer. It will leave your skin darker and makes you look heavy with makeup. Avoid foundation completely and if still you does not feel complete without foundation, apply a primer in the first instance and then use a foundation with fingertips.

Apply A Natural Mask To Prevent Excess Oil

Any mask that can remove excess oil from your face and neck is a good choice during the summer. Use the mask once a week so that your skin remains fresh and crisp. It is good if you can use masks that can soothe your skin and make it more smooth and clean. Clay masks and fruit masks are useful to make your skin look clean and beautiful during summer.
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Use Only Translucent Powder
Do not use too much of powder during the season. It will leave patches here and there on your face. Instead, use translucent powder and dab a little on your face and neck. It never sticks on your skin and gives a perfect finish and look.

Prefer Water Resistant Products

Rather than using waterproof products, it is advised to use water resistant products during the summer season. You are likely to sweat a lot during this season, and it is essential for your makeup to stay intact resisting the humidity and the hotness
Avoid Lip Balm; It Dries Out Fast
Lips are the worst during the summer season. It gets dried out very quickly, and also, it becomes chapped. Avoid applying lip balms and lip gloss during this season. Also, better to avoid lipstick as well. You can use a lip stainer so that it stays longer. Buy it online from Limeroad. You can get the best summer look with this store. Make sure that you apply Limeroad coupons while making the payment to save money.
Always Carry Blotting Papers, Makeup Sponge
Summers are sweaty, and so your face will be accumulated with dust and oil, and it can lead to pimples and other skin irritations. Consider carrying blotting papers and makeup sponge in your bag anytime you move out. Use a makeup sponge to wipe off the lumps or patches of your makeup and dab a little of the powder to get a fresh look. Also, remove dust on your face by wiping it with blotting papers.*Disclaimer : Sponsored Post
7 Tips To Look Gorgeous This Summer

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