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7 Things I Do When I'm Not Blogging

By Everemma
In my spare timeThat's really just a not-so-fancy way of saying, "Here are some more of my hobbies," or "Here is part of my excuse for not being very responsive lately." There is another reason, but I'm saving that for another day.

1 | Take Classes

Thanks to Myers-Briggs the only thing I know for certain is that I'm a Judgmental Introvert. For every other category I am right on the line. Due to this I've decided that I'm just going to claim the label of INFJ. These weren't the free tests either. Due to my self-identification as an INFJ, this means that I'm on a constant quest to better myself and figure out my purpose. 
Ever since I finished school, for forever, last March I've been feeling like something is missing. Turns out that I actually missed taking classes. What the what?! Last month I finally did something I have been thinking about doing for years, I took a Coursera course and now I might be addicted. Currently I'm enrolled in 9 classes, but only 3 have actually started. Before you think I spend all my time doing classes, these courses are so much more manageable than any course I took for credit. 

2 | Play Sims

I like creating stories and controlling people, so it's only natural that I enjoy playing Sims. I must admit that I have branched out a bit recently, rediscovering my love for Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon. Basically I like goal-oriented games? 
I've been thinking about attempting to stream or record my play time, but always forget to actually do either. Plus I'm not convinced that I would be very entertaining. 

3 | Read

I know you are probably shocked by this one. I never talk about books on here. Currently I'm determined to make my way through the list I put together for Erin's 5.0 Challenge. You can always see what I'm working through over here-ish ---------------->.

4 | Plan My Next Meal

My life revolves around food. I know, food is fuel, but it can also contribute to overall happiness too. I've been getting slightly into trying to have a set plan for lunch and dinner and have been trying to make those plans err on the side of healthy-ish. I'm a work in progress. 

5 | Netflix and Chill

When I say Netflix I really just mean tv and movies in general. Some shows I'm caught up on and enjoyed include, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife and Scandal. I also am a fan of my reality tv like The Bachelorette, every Real Housewife (Kidding, I can't get into Dallas, Potomac, or ATL.), and Big Brother. 

6 | Frequenting Splash Pads

Someone told me the other day that they didn't know what a splash pad was and that made me so sad. If you find yourself in that category. . . google it and see whether or not there are any by you. We have a few here in UT and to be honest, I would probably go even if I didn't have a kid. It's a great, free way to cool off. I also bring along a shaded place to sit and if I'm lucky enough to have another adult with me to help keep an eye on little e, then I may also bring a book. It's no beach, but it'll do. 

7 | The Occasional Frisbee Golf

I'm not an athletic person by any means. I don't run, unless chased or a life is in danger. I do, however, enjoy walking. Now that I also have figured out how to decently throw a frisbee, that is pretty fun too. Combining the two becomes fun and relaxing, unless you're playing with someone who is super competitive. 
How do you spend your spare time?

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