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7 Stamina Secrets (for the Gym and Work)

By Nutritionwhit
Stamina Secrets (for Work)

Stamina is the measure of the ability to continue moving forward regarding physical or mental challenges.

A noun meaning "the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort."

How to Build Stamina

First establish baseline of what you are comfortable with. Whether it is lifting weights, running or other activity.

Over-working out can cause a loss of forward progress.

    Get Sleep. Melatonin and/or a magnesium, vitamin B, and zinc blend can aid in body repair. I take a product from Optimum Nutrition called ZMA.

I have noticed waking up earlier more refreshed. In the past I have had similar results from a similar product that contained calcium and magnesium (from Quantum Labs I'm not selling either of these currently).

The idea is simply that the body repairs itself during sleep and aiding a more restful sleep is noticeable during the day.

    Increase Cardio. Few people have high stamina but those that do usually are involved in some manner of cardio training.

Also, a fast walk, jog, or run in the morning will send a clear message to the body to increase stamina. I know of few obese runners.

Exercising in the morning increases metabolism throughout the day.

    Push Yourself. It is interesting to note that military training will often push someone beyond what they feel they are capable of.

In other words, the human body is often capable of more than we think. Using common sense, caution, and medical consultation; attempt to push yourself another minute, or mile, or set when your ready to quit.

Water. Make sure you're not dehydrated or close to dehydration.

BCAA's. Many say these are useless. Although I could agree they may not be the best use of money. I have noticed a (significant) boost in endurance and quality of workout when sipping BCAA's (branch chain amino acids) during exercise. They will also protect and help muscle heal.

Vitamins and Minerals. Many people are deficient in vitamin d, magnesium, and other things. If you have a basic yet solid supplement regiment you can safeguard yourself from poor performance from deficiencies.

Mindfulness. When you are at the gym or working out. Don't mull over depressing or obsessive type thinking. It has been said the loneliness registers as physical pain. I know we all have feelings. But try to focus when you notice your mind drifting.

Pace Yourself. Whether it's a run or heavy lifting. There is no need to punish yourself in the first 15 minutes and then achieve less over time. If you pace yourself with the goal of doing more during your activity you will have a more productive workout.

Accountability. If you have the right kid of workout partner you may find that you will accomplish more as you both uplift one another. I know this all depends but there are times when not being alone is helpful.

Low carb high fat (LCHF) - if you have been on social media lately you have seen the dueling camps of plant based, carnivore, vegan, etc. Maybe you are one of them! Haha, my personal feel is that a balanced diet of healthy foods is just fine.

A diet that is high in fat with adequate protein and low carbs will produce a stable source of energy - free of highs and lows that come from sugar and carb bombs.

When you exercise very aggressively or starve or purposely deplete your carb/sugar reserves your body begins to try to turn fat into energy. Yes, this is ketogenesis.

Note: I see nothing wrong with eating carbs before a workout. It will make for an excellent workout and you will most likely burn off whatever carbs you consumed.

I am thinking more of stamina throughout the day. I spoke to a woman a few days ago who was on a low carb low, low sugar, high fat diet.

She had just finished work and said she would normally be exhausted but that she felt fine.

The conversation started when I mentioned she had lost a noticeable amount of weight. Her eyes and skin complexion also looked very healthy.

Specific foods

As I have mentioned for having peak stamina all day long - high fat, protein, low carbs. I don't say this lightly - perhaps you have heard it before. The difference in energy all day long is significant.

For boosting workouts and recovery - Complex carbo hydrates. Some avocado spread on Ezekiel bread. Nut butters with oatmeal. Eggs with fermented or aged cheese and a touch of whole grain bread.

This is to give you a boost for working out. By the time you do some exercise you will deplete these carbs and be back to fat burning.

You can (recommended) do some form of weight lifting followed by cardio. To gain muscle tone, get lean, become stronger.

The lifting will burn calories for the next 12 to 24 hours. Cardio doesn't burn as much calories as we often think. It is just that cardio after lifting weights attacks your fat storage.

Cut out white sugar and white flour now as much as possible. White sugar presents an immune challenge. Your immune system begins to get distracted with challenges.

If there is a bag of white flour and wheat flour a rat will not touch the white flour. White flour is present in many processed and seemingly healthy foods.

However, white flour = empty calories it has no nutritional benefit and your body still has to process and digest it - thereby using energy with no benefit.

Many people are borderline dehydrated and don't know it. It is important to stay hydrated.

How to increase your stamina for exercise

There is a running plan called "Couch to 5k" it has the person run for 15 seconds then walk for 45 seconds. Next day run for 20 seconds and walk for 40 seconds. (not every day)

Anything can be done little by little. No matter how far down the scale your body is - you can gradually increase stamina in this fashion.

The surprising things is that although gradual the change takes place very quickly. I used the couch to 5k plan as an example. This plan has a person going from couch potato to 5k in roughly 3 months. Not bad

Squats with no weight. That is doing 20 or 30 or whatever is comfortable but challenging will send a clear signal to your body. 4 sets of 20 squats?

70% of your muscle is in your legs. You will notice cardio and circulatory benefits at once.

If you have not done squats in a while you will be sore for a few days.

Burpees - this is an exercise where you stand, drop down do a push up, then jump up and put your hands in the air. Repeat

Kettle ball - a kettle ball or anything with a bit of weight. You squat down and swing the ball or weight under you almost to your bum. Then stand up while swinging the weight almost straight over your head.

This exercise will hit back, legs, shoulders and belly. Like the two others mentioned it really gets the blood flowing.

How to increase your running stamina

Please see my 3,000 word article titled ' Running Tips for Beginners " it covers new and experienced running techniques.

7 Stamina Secrets (for the gym and work)

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