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7 Fruit Peels That You Should Not Throw Away

Posted on the 24 April 2015 by Health_news

 7 Fruit peels that you should not throw away

All of us toss the peels of the fruit that we eat in the trash. After reading this article I’m sure you’ll look at peels in a different light.

Fruit peels are actually more nutritious and have more health and beauty properties than we know it.

Here’s you shouldn’t toss the peels of the following fruits:

  • Cucumber

The skin is rich in anti-oxidants that promote weight loss and even prevents constipation.

Not only are cucumbers cooling for the body but the skin is rich in nutrients that improve sight and also prevent blood clots.

  • Banana

A banana peel can make your smile beautiful. If you don’t trust me, try rubbing the insides of the peel onto your teeth for a month and see the difference.

The peel can also be used to soothe burns and even help rid our heels of dry skin and cracks.

  • Watermelon

If you rub the peel of a watermelon on your skin, it helps remove all the impurities on your skin, along with neutralizes the free radicals on the skin.

The watermelon skin can also help in weight loss.

  • Lemon

The skin of the lemons also has bleaching properties that cleanse and purify the skin. They also aid in weight loss and fight cancer causing properties.

The added benefits include improved oral and bone health.

  • Orange

Orange is a wonderful citrus fruit. It not only has low calories, but it also fills you up and suppresses your appetite, which makes it the best food for those who want to lose weight.

Let’s move on to the benefits of the peel. Dried orange peel is often dried and powdered to be used as a key ingredient in whitening or packs that are said to give a glow to the face.

Orange peels is said to improve your oral health and digestion and even fight against cancer cells and heart disease.

  • Apple

Most of us peel the apples and eat them. Little do we realize that the peels are the element of the apple that contains most of its nutrients?

  • Pomegranate

The numerous health benefits of pomegranate found in the seeds is also found in its skin. Its skin has properties that can fight acne, pimples, rashes and even dandruff.

Pomegranate skin can also provide the health benefits of protecting us against heart disease and also promote good gut and dental health.

So stop dumping your peels in the garbage and put them to good use for your good health.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf

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