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7 Confessions For The Week

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I love these posts. I get to vent and you get to laugh and me.

Honestly, in this day and age of everyone’s life being so perfect on Facebook, etc, I love reading people’s confessions about the imperfections and “real life” issues of their days. We are all human and our lives are never, ever completely perfect. So, let’s let it out a bit and connect over just how not perfect we are.

1. I went on an 8.5 mile run today in 82 degree heat and did not bring water. I have no excuse for dehydrating myself and pushing over the kids in the park running through the sprinkler because I was so hot. They really should not hog the sprinkler. Adults runners need sprinklers too. Especially dehydrated ones.

2. Today is the second day in a week that I almost ran out of gas. I have been getting down to one mile left in the tank (no kidding) before rolling up to the gas station on fumes. I have no excuse for that either except that getting gas bores me and I hate spending $70 on gas that used to be $.99 when I was growing up. The good old days.


3. I have a very bad habit of taking all the crap out of my car and putting it on the ladder in the garage. This week Ken told me there was a new rule and that no half eaten PB&J sandwiches were allowed to be left in the garage. So uptight!


He thinks that is why we have mice in the garage. I don’t know what he is talking about.


4. I use expired coupons and act like I don't know they are expired (lots of times they don’t check anyway).  By the way, I read this interesting thing the other day about the top things grocery store clerks want you to know such as, “Cashiers are totally checking out your eating habits even though we pretend not to.”

5. I secretly like getting stuck when there is a train crossing. It gives me an excuse to be late, and to put my car in park and just BREATHE. Something I need to do more of.


6. I bought a new bathing suit (for lap swimming) and even though I followed the size chart, it’s too small. I still wear it even if it slightly goes up my butt. The funny thing is that when I fart in the water, I swear the air bubble stays in my suit. It is the weirdest thing. I have to stop at the end of the lane and let the air out. I am not just saying that so that I will not have to share a lane with you at the pool. (Sorry, I REALLY wish I had a picture of the fart bubble. It is hysterical).

7. Being a parent has actually made me a much more patient person. This is because if I become super impatient I am afraid I will lash out and that crazy vein in my neck will swell up and my face will turn red and I will say things I will regret. So, at 6:00 a.m. on Monday as we were leaving for the Bolder Boulder 10K I was proud of how patient I was.

Emma’s cape was supposed to look like this:


She came downstairs and had left it on her bed all night and it looked like this (still not sure how this happened. Clearly there was a party in her bed):


I did not lose my mind and yell and play the martyr: “Why do I always have to fix everything?? Why the hell would you sleep with this cape in your bed??” I just quietly fixed it and thought about the beer I would drink at 9:00 a.m. when I finished the race. Proud parenting moment! (well, not drinking at 9:00 a.m, but the patience thing).


Your turn. Give me on really good confession from the week. (Now that summer is here and the kids are home full time, I think I am going to have a lot of these). Best one gets an SUAR sticker and a $10 iTunes gift card. “Contest” ends Friday.


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