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7 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

Posted on the 11 February 2019 by Rahulthepcl

Most of the webmasters these days expect their pages to load faster than ever to provide a fantastic user experience. Optimizing your images will eventually help the page to load faster, saves bandwidth and your website pops up on the first results. Therefore, it will also be convenient for users to find information on your site.
If you are a professional photographer, you might have the necessity to Compress JPEG to 100KB to upload them at a faster rate. Optimized images do not let you cross the file size limit on many customer based websites.

What is JPEG? How do we compress JPEG to 100KB?

JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) is one of the most commonly used methods of the file(could be a camera image or DSLR picture) lossy compression, that individually compresses digital images contributing to the digital photography. The degree of compression could be adjusted as per your requirement, not compromising with the quality of image and storage size.
JPEG generally accomplishes 10:1 compression ratio with a minute change in image quality. These days, it is used by most of the digital cameras and other photographic devices and has essentially become the mandatory format to send/receive pictures on the world wide web for its quick transfer and efficiency.

Top 7 Tools to Compress JPEG to 100KB

Below are some of the best websites that compress JPEG to 100KB:

1. EZ Optimize

Image Optimisation is a plus point for any website to appear on top of the searches. EZ Optimize will mainly assist you with automatic image Optimisation for your website so that it can load faster than ever and appears on the top of search results. One of the most significant concerns regarding Google search results is unoptimized content. This website will help you to compress your image size without losing its quality.

7 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

With EZ Optimize, it's quite simple to maintain the image quality(pretty much like an original image)as it is fine-tuned and doesn't compromise on high quality. The best portion about this website is they focus on other image compression formats too such as GIF(Graphics Interchange Format), png(Portable Graphics Format), jpg and so on.
A website that loads faster could be a paramount asset for your business. Best user experience is something that concerns us, and you'll have the best SEO ranking.


It is a free online tool used to compress JPEG to 100KB, maintaining the same quality as that of the original image. use the most recent image compression techniques along with efficient algorithms to compress your image file size. This image compressor could be used to compress other image formats like jpg, png, etc.

7 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

In addition to the image compressor, they also have a gif compressor to Optimize gif files.

3. Optimizilla

You can upload up to 20 images at a time to compress JPEG to 100KB(or any other quality of your choice) without losing its quality. You can also set the class as per your preference using the thumbnails in the queue.

7 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

The compression level can be measured using the slider, and the mouse pointer helps in comparing images. Simple to use and is a great tool to work with.

JPEGmini reduces the file size of the images that you upload, remarkably up to 70 to 80% while preserving the quality and resolution of the images.

7 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

For those who have image-centric websites should go for JPEGmini to have a good SEO ranking, to load faster and to have a fantastic user experience. You don't even have to rely on your device storage to store pics as it provides cloud storage account, flash drives, etc to store compressed photos. Moreover, personalized solutions are provided to professional photographers for the best quality.
With JPEGmini, Get the smallest size image without compromising on quality, hard drive space, etc.

This online image compressor mainly focuses on compressing and resizing the images of various compression formats like jpeg, png, gif, etc. You also have the choice to specify the image compression rate and the required image dimensions to have a perfect file size of your choice.

7 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

You can select multiple images in these formats, without consuming the disk space. Furthermore, you can upload 25 images to resize and get it compressed.

If you have a huge photo and you badly want to resize it to get a versatile image of high quality, then Reduce Images is the perfect place for you to do it. You can send multiple photos to anyone anywhere without spending much bandwidth on your data.

7 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

However, reducing the image size wouldn't affect the quality much except for the minute details of the original image.
Reduce image is an online tool that lets you compress and reduce the size of an image and save the resulting image in any formats such as GIF, png, jpg, etc.

7. Compressnow

Like other websites that I've mentioned above, Compressnow also performs the simple task of reducing bigger images to decent size without affecting its quality.

7 Best Websites to Compress JPEG to 100KB

It is mainly used to compress JPEG to 100KB to send it to somebody or upload it on the website(could be social media sites like Facebook, Instagram). You may notice that it saves bandwidth and faster loading of websites.


These are some of the best websites to compress JPEG to 100KB that will optimize your images anytime anywhere at your convenience. You don't have to take the pain of going to a photo studio to get this work done.
It can be done efficiently at home without bothering much about the quality. You can still upload beautiful huge images by compressing them using the tools that we have for you!

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