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7 Best Ways to Lose Weight and Get a Flat Tummy Fast

By Itzmealie @ideasonclick

loose-weight & get flat bellyNothing is impossible in this world. Important thing is, weather you want to get your goal or not. Once you decided to achieve your motto, stick with that with consistency. One day you will achieve that goal. Losing weight or getting a flat tummy is not a big deal at all, what you need to do is control your diet, do some simple exercises daily. Check the following tips which are very authentic and working.

1. If you want to lose your weight and flat tummy, you will have to leave alcohol, sugar, caffeine, & processed food.

2. You should include fish in your diet. You can take fish oil pills, it burns body fat.

3. Dieting doesn’t mean that you should leave eating fatty things. Dieting means eat everything but in a control way. Initially drop the fatty foods because you are already containing the extra fat in your body. You can take creams, chocolates, cakes, fancy food etc. once or twice a week.

4. Never drop breakfast in your life. Even a glass of juice or some fruit slices or nuts, if you don’t have time.

5. Never eat before sleeping or late night meals. Because God created night for rest and human body slowdown in night and it take more time in digestion.

6. If you sleep after taking meals it’s the main cause of your extra weight.

7. Don’t over eat; you should stop eating when you feel that you have taken the 85% of your food requirements. It is one of the best & healthiest practices.

Exercises to flat your tummy:

There are different exercises to burn your body fat and get the flat tummy, we discussed in our past postings.

Make the habit of walking, 20 minutes walk keep you healthy and protect from different diseases. 

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