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6 Random Things To Bore You

By Brisdon @shutuprun

1. The weirdest thing happened to me in the middle of the night. I wonder if this has happened to you before.

Out of nowhere, my calf seized up. Like the worst charley horse you have ever had in your life. I immediately started writhing around moaning and sweating. I was glad I wasn’t on a first date. Then, just like that, it subsided. The next morning I was sore. What the hell? (btw, did you know that the phrase charley horse originated from a horse named charley who got leg cramps? True story. This is not to be confused with charley horsing. Two very different things).


Re-enactment (or I am constipated)

2. Last night the kids wanted to order pizza. I am sick of pizza, at least of the cheese variety, which is what everyone around here wants. So, I went out on a limb and ordered this bad boy. This is my newest favorite from Blackjack. You’ve got to try it (cracker crust is the best IMHO).


3. I am a library geek. I love the library. I love everything about it (except that one time I borrowed a book that had tons of dry boogers in the pages – WTF people? I thought readers were above that). I will never live down the fact that I know my library card number by heart. I would give it to you, but then I would have to kill you.

Anyway, I always want to put really popular books on hold and there is always a long wait. So, I decided the way to get around that was to reserve the large print editions because not as many people want them (genius!). I don’t mind reading large print. In fact, then I don’t have to wear these.


I have been wanting to read Goldfinch for forever. I reserved it in large print because otherwise I would have to wait in line behind 100 people. It came in and I went to get it. This is the hugest book I have ever seen. Reading this book will help me to multi-task reading and strength training. (Did I tell you it’s 1,296 pages?)


4. Yesterday was 80 degrees and I rode in my shorts and short sleeves. Tomorrow this happens. Spring can be a dick.


5.  I took a ride today – a loop from Longmont down to Boulder and back. There were 5 million other cyclists out. At a few points I got passed, once by a peloton, once by two women. I know it’s stupid, but I hate that people can’t just say a casual hello as they blow past you. I mean it’s not as if we have to have a long conversation about our poop cycles, charley horses or Santa Fe pizzas, but we are all human beings out there – why pretend someone is invisible?

6. Sometimes when I’m eating lunch I watch The Doctors because that is all that is on. The other day they were talking about the book, The Doctor’s Diet. I am not a fan of diets whatsoever because I think they don’t work (just eat well and move is my philosophy). But, I did like this one recipe for Anytime Vegetable Soup. It’s called “anytime” because it has so few calories you can just eat however much you want anytime. I LOVE vegetable soup – it always feels healthy to me and calms my stomach, so was happy to find a recipe for one that is so very simple:


That’s all I’ve got for today.


Are you charley-horse prone? Nope. This was my first.

Favorite pizza? I told you. For some reason I am a HUGE fan of green chilis on my pizza.

Best book you’ve read this month? I am reading a book called Probation that I really like. I would start Goldfinch but I can’t pick it up because I am too weak.


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