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6 Packing Tips for an Easy Move

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

If you can, try cutting the cost of the move by sourcing packing materials from places that will cost you less than a regular shop. If you go online, you are sure to be able to find a few people selling off their unused boxes for a lot less than a regular retailer would. You may even be able to find free boxes! Just be sure that you are able to find boxes and materials that are either new and unused, or used once and in great condition. Well worn boxes can be a safety hazard that will make your life really rather difficult should they fall apart, or open unexpectedly whilst being carried. Such mishaps can cause serious injury or damage to your items.

6 packing tips for an easy move

When packing, be sensible. You need to make a packing plan, so that you are able to check things off a list in an order that will not get in the way of our life leading up to the move. Essentially the plan should track the way in which you use things daily. You should be packing things that are hardly used, like garage things and books from the sitting room. If you are not organized in this then you may well end up having to unpack and repack stuff that you need but had put away!

When you are packing up boxes, think about who will be moving that box. You will no doubt find that you are not the person responsible for the boxes, and even if you are not using a moving company, then you may well find that you do not recognize the boxes when you come to the moving day. For this reason, label each box with which room you would like it to go to, as well as a short description of what is inside it. This will mean that you are well set to ensure that everything gets put in it’s place right away during the move day.

6 packing tips for an easy move2

When you are packing the boxes, be aware of the contents. If you are packing things up form a room that contains say books as well as glassware, you should avoid putting the glassware in a position where a book could slide on to it. If you can, use tissue paper to protect glassware and place it in together, taking care to label how fragile and precious that box is. Do not pack large boxes full of heavy things like books, as this will only result in damaged backs when a person tries to lift it without knowing what is inside!

Be well prepared for your days of packing by having all of the materials that you need at hand and in abundant supply. You will no doubt find that running out of tape or newspaper will result in either trying to use something unsuitable instead, or finishing early for the day! Heading out to pick up new packing materials is a massive hassle, so try to do it once and once only. You will be able to sell on boxes that are done with and packing tape will be useful in the future, so having a little more of the materials than you actually need.

Try to be Eco-conscious, and think about the materials that you use in your packing. Are they sustainable products? You should try to avoid using bubble wrap, as it’s production is bad for the planet, and it is rarely recycled, and will most likely end up on a land fill site!

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6 packing tips for an easy move
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6 packing tips for an easy move
6 packing tips for an easy move
6 packing tips for an easy move
6 packing tips for an easy move
6 packing tips for an easy move

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