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6 Myths About HTTPS/SSL Ceartificates Should Be Debunked

Posted on the 22 April 2015 by Rahulthepcl

If you are associated with web developing in any way then this question "What is SSL Certificate and Why should I use it?" will surely arise in your mind. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate works as a protection shield for your website. As Internet is the largest source of information so it is essential that your information and important documents should travel with complete security over the Internet. This security of information is determined by SSL certificate. SSL certificates involve encryption and decryption process. Your information is encrypted using the SSL technology further it is sent to the server. If someone wants to read your information then he or she would need a proper decryption key for that.

Need OF SSL Certificate among Online Business

The main purpose of SSL certificate is to create a trustable environment among the online business for the users so that they can transfer their information & make purchases safely. Now a day’s people always looks for a lock icon or green bar before the URL of the e commerce websites as they want complete security while making a purchase online. That green bar insures user that this e commerce site is completely secured and he or she can make a payment for them without any criminal or hacking activity.
But as you know that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Wrong or incomplete information creates several myths regarding the information. So no doubt there are several myths available in the market regarding HTTPs/SSL Certificates that should be debunked. I have mentioned some of them below so that wrong or incomplete information is not shared among the users.

1. SSL Certificate Are So Expensive

This is one of the most spread myths among the users. Whenever it comes to purchasing of SSL certificate the first thing that strikes in the user's mind is cost. They think that we can't afford SSL certificate for our website. This all is because of lack of knowledge. If you will search over the Internet then you will find thousands of free SSL certificates provider. ClickSSL authorized SSL Certificate distributer provides major SSL Certificate brands like Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust & RapidSSL at very low price in market.

2. No Effect on SEO at All

Well if you believe in this myth then I'm sorry to say but you're wrong completely. You might don't know but Google have announced officially that HTTPs is now a ranking factor for your website. HTTPs enabled sites will rank higher in search engines other than sites not having SSL certificate. So SSL certificates can't harm your SEO in any way but it will definitely improve your rankings.

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3. Extremely Difficult To Manage

Now a day’s everything works on GUI interface. You just need to learn it first then it's a child play to install SSL certificates. At first it may look a little difficult task to install SSL certificate on your website but when you have done it for one time then you can easily import and generate private, public keys. Whenever you change your IP address or hosting server it will invalidate your certificate but you can re-issue it again by visiting the authority site again. So managing SSL Certificate is extremely easy for users. 

4. SSL Certificate Will Prevent Hacking

SSL Certificate will not be able to prevent your website from hackers. If someone says that I am using HTTPs connection on my website and it is impossible to hack my website then sorry to say but this is not the truth my friend. SSL certificate only prevents your user’s traffic from being intercepted by third parties. It is not going to save your website from being hacked. Only the data or information which is sent over the network is protected from the criminals or hackers. Any middle-man can’t intercept traffic which is sent between client and server.

5. HTTPs Site Response Is Very Slow

HTTPs is not going to make your site faster in any way but using some good tricks you can make it. Some users have claimed that when they installed SSL certificate on their site their site became slow. It can be possible sometime as encryption process can take some time to encrypt your information. But you can make SSL fast by some tips such as Use keep-alive connections, Use Persistent Caching for Static Content or use network sniffer tool. 

6. HTTPs for Only Login Page

This is also one of the most common issues. People say that HTTPs is needed only when we are trying to login on the website or in simple language on home page only. But your work doesn't finish after logging onto the website such as Facebook, Twitter. You can share vital information with someone there at that time your data is not encrypted then hacker can see it easily. You might don't know but public Wi-Fi is a great source of hacking as hackers can see all the traffic easily because it is not encrypted. Even some content based website may also install SSL Certificates just to protect their content to their users.
So this was all about some most common myths related to HTTPs or SSL Certificates. You have read the complete guide now you can understand that all those myths should surely debunked as they mean nothing in the tech world. If you have any query or doubt then feels free to leave a comment below in the comment section.

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