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6 Best Transportation Management Software to Ease Your Business

Posted on the 01 April 2020 by Rahulthepcl

A transportation management software is one that provides you services related to the management of your goods and their transportation from the company to its destination. They work as an intermediary between the customers and the manufacturing company. They provide services like the safe dispatch of goods, best route selection for transportation, the cost-effectiveness of whole business setup, freight duties, etc. Many companies offer their services over the globe. Every TMS company has its terms of services, to ensure best to its customers.

Top 6 Transportation Management Softwares in 2020

While making use of transportation management software, it is essential to make sure that the services are reliable and that your shipment is safe with the company. However, if the company software shows you what is going on in the transportation process at any time using the latest technology and services, you can be sure of your deliveries. In this post, you'll come across some of the best transportation software solutions which are brought about by some of the best transportation management software.

Oracle TMS is one of the best transportation management software that provides a highly comprehensive and integrated stack of cloud-based applications and engineered services to make the users have a great experience in using their software. The transportation management software of Oracle has a comprehensive dashboard that allows the users to navigate through various features of the company, such as operational planning, freight payment, management of fleet, etc. You can access these services with a single click due to a friendly user interface.
Also, the options for pricing and other contact details of the company found on the page without moving deep into the software, which again makes it very easy to use. With a clubbing of so many extensive features on a single software and cloud compatibility, Oracle TMS has been one of the best Transportation Management Softwares to use in 2020.

JDA Transportation Management Software

JDA Transportation Management Software provides suggestions and solutions based on transportation management problems. It is also one of the top-ranking software for transportation management in 2020. One of the prominent features of JDA Transportation Management Software is that it has an automated detection of some fundamental problems, which is done by automatic user-defined exceptions. It helps the users to save their time as the issues fixed in no time, without any involvement of the technical team.
The software has a complete set of features that range from ordering to pricing and includes the entire transportation cycle for the users to keep track of through different sections in the software. The software is highly reliable with a meager rate of bugs reported, which results in lesser crashes for the software, thereby improving the user experience.

Descartes transportation management is another top-ranking software in the market. The company is famous for fixing last-minute needs of its customers. It happens due to an extensive integrated network of transportation facilities taken care of by the company. The software equips with the salient features of route planning, execution, and telematics.
The facilities of the software allow the users to track both inbound shipments as well as the outbound deliveries. With seamless integration of the services with the software, this software keeps the user informed of the transportation cycle and where the product is at any particular location. It is due to this reason that the users have provided this software with a high rating and valuable feedback.

It is a global transportation management company. They provide services through all modes of transportation. They are one of the leading brands of the transportation management industry. The link to over 50000 personnel in their supply chain, which makes it the most significant connection of the world. The BluJay TMS allows the users to have better transportation planning and also allows the users to centralize the control, which enables users to manage transportation efficiently. This software is highly adaptable to the changes required and hence is very easy to integrate with different systems, which help in making the user experience better for the consumers.
The software also has a common platform that allows multiple partners to leverage the technology, which helps it in having high visibility across the Global Transportation Network. One SaaS solution will enable users to have access to real-time data as well. All such features allow the company to make high profits even by making the prices lower for the users, which have made this software into the list of the best transportation management software of 2020.

MercuryGate TMS

Another name that adds in the best transportation management software in the 2020 list is the MercuryGate TMS. MercuryGate is also a high ranking company in the domain and provides services on all modes of transportation with the best planning and execution ideas. Their services are incredibly flexible, which helps its customers to pull out more and more profit.
Like most of the companies discussed above, they also provide data transparency to their customers through efficient browsing, and this makes the software an efficient one as the users can get access to the required information conveniently. Certain other features that are prominent in the software of MercuryGate Transportation Management Software are control over tower visibility and decision support, which makes the software reusable by having a reset option to readjust the settings. The users can use a single click to reuse them.
The software is cloud compliant and is also very easy to use on mobile devices, so if you're away from your laptop or computer, you won't face any issue in tracking your product transit. The software also provides for the integration of real-world dynamics and the new age technology in the best way possible.

Cerasis is one of the very few software which can help you get total control over the transit, no matter what the case is. The software has an integrated system of management that connects all the services of the company on one single platform and provides for a greater understanding of the transit process with proper tracking management.
The other salient features of the software are truckload freight management, transportation accounting, carrier relations, reverse logistics, parcel management, freight claims management, and inbound and vendor freight management. The users can have a one-time truckload shipment by an on spot quote using this software. The software also ensures that the invoice generation is accurate with the tasks for shipment rates that integrated with the software.


These were some of the best transportation management software of 2020, which you can use to have an efficient product delivery, both within the country borders as well as outside the country with almost minimal hassles. These days, transportation management software is the consumer's choice concerning services and timely delivery of products. Once you're all done with the payment management, you can sit back and track the exact phase of the shipment using this transportation management software.

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