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50 Ways To Run Your Best In 2014

By Brisdon @shutuprun


Let’s face it. While there are some people who could run the same distance over the same route everyday for the rest of their lives and never tire of it, most of us need something more to our running.

In my opinion, there are three elements to make sure running is fresh and alive in your life: running for a reason, seeing progress (whatever that looks like to you), and having variety. With that said, here are a few simple ways to be your best running self this upcoming year and for years to come:

  1. Stay injury free (find hints HERE)
  2. Run in honor of someone
  3. Run without a watch
  4. Make a new playlist
  5. Run with your dog (best running dogs HERE)
  6. Sign up for a race distance you’ve never done before
  7. Run on the trails
  8. Join a running club (find one HERE). Or start your own!
  9. Train with a heart rate monitor (more info HERE)
  10. Volunteer at a race
  11. Run for a charity (find yours HERE)
  12. Run your favorite route in reverse
  13. Create a running blog
  14. Sign up for a race in a state or country you’ve always wanted to travel to
  15. Volunteer for Girls on the Run
  16. Watch an inspiring movie like “Spirit of the Marathon
  17. Read Matt Long’s “The Long Run” and remember you have no excuses
  18. Go early, really early, before your brain realizes what you are doing
  19. Run with your kid
  20. Run with a friend beside you on his/her bike
  21. Get a friend or family member to run their first 5K
  22. Run an errand – literally!
  23. Run in the snow
  24. Run in the rain
  25. Run in the wind and know the resistance makes you stronger
  26. Do a triathlon
  27. Try a trail race (find some good ones HERE)
  28. Find a ruddy (a running buddy, get it?)
  29. Keep your goals attainable
  30. Use a training plan
  31. Run with good form
  32. Have a pre-run routine
  33. Start a streak
  34. Don’t obsess – life goes on if you miss a run.
  35. Sleep more (find out why and how HERE)
  36. Count your steps (180 per minute is optimal)
  37. Lose weight (if you need to) to get faster and run easier (good article HERE)
  38. Run without music
  39. Keep a running journal
  40. Run on vacation
  41. Run to work (someone can always drive you home)
  42. Try water running (more info HERE)
  43. Try a track workout (ideas HERE)
  44. Set a monthly mileage goal
  45. Keep your easy runs easy
  46. Run hills
  47. Run in a spot meaningful to you such as a cemetery or on the streets of the town where you grew up
  48. Never think you are too old
  49. Sign up for daily running motivation HERE
  50. Have fun with it or why do it?

Now go run your best!


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