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50 Things to Do Before I Die

By Catswalks
On 8/28/09, in a moment of introspection, I listed the 50 things I wanted to do before I die.  It's only 50 because I couldn't find enough things to extend the list to 100. Now, barely 2 years later, I halved that list!  Here are the stuff that I still need to do:
1. Go to Egypt and see the pyramids;
2.Write a bestselling novel;
3. Own my dream house;
4. Tour the Philippines;
5.Learn German;
6. Learn French;
7. Learn to drive;
8. Be 42.0 kilos;
9. Get a Master's degree;
10.Dye my hair blond;
11. Run a marathon;
12. Get toned abs;
13.Stay in a really expensive hotel for a weekend;
14. Go around the world for a year;
15. Adopt a homeless child;
16. Offer a college scholarship grant;
17. Ride a camel ;
18. Have a nude artistic photograph of myself;
19.Own a house on the beach;
20.Go to Thailand;
21.See the Grand Canyon;
22.Plant a tree;
23.Own a Mercedes Benz;
24.Get an MBA;
25.Cut my hair really short;
26.Travel around Europe in a mobile home.
Plus, I got a tattoo! It was not on my list but I mentally added it.  It was 51st on my list. See:
50 things to do before I die

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