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5 Things I Won't Be Doing and a VLOG!

By Brisdon @shutuprun

What I won't be doing over the next few days:
1. A Race I Thought I Wanted to Do. Remember I told you Ken and I signed up for the lottery for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon? Well the good news is we both got in!! The bad news is I should have checked the cost beforehand. Do you know it costs $750 per person?? As in, you pay $750 to jump off of a ferryboat and swim 1.5 miles in freezing, shark infested waters with a current that can take you down to the depths of hell? Okay, I'm being dramatic. But, we won't be doing it. Which is a bummer cause I wanted to, but I kind of also want to buy groceries and pay my mortgage and go to Paris.
2. Voting on November 8th. Before you get all irritated that I am not doing my civic duty - in your face!! I already voted by mail! The only draw back is I won't get one of those I voted stickers, but I can live with that, because apparently there is a sticker for everything in this world.
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3. Celebrating My Kid's Birthday. In 18 years I have never missed Sam's birthday and I have never missed the opportunity to remind him of the day he came out of my vagina, Well, now he's 900 miles, away, turning 19 and doing God knows what. His birthday is Thursday and he will be in Arizona. And, I will not. Boo. Unless I decide to surprise him (Sam, if you are reading, that is 100% a joke so don't start freaking out).

5 Things I Won't Be Doing and a VLOG!

Because moms and babies should always have matching overalls

4. Running In Colorado This Weekend. That is because on Thursday I'm going to Virginia for JMU's homecoming! Ken and I have mapped out some stellar trail runs in the Shenandoah Valley, so follow along on Instagram or something.
5. Looking in Car Windows When I Run. I was severely traumatized yesterday on my run. Ken and I and were cruising along minding our own businesses on a street in our neighborhood. We came up to a parked car a with a guy sitting in it. I always am curious why people are sitting in parked cars, so I looked in. Ewww.......let's just say he was not the only person in the car. The other person was doing something that required them to be laying down, kind of in his lap. Get my drift? At 8:00 a.m. in broad daylight.
I had fun making this VLOG, although vlogs aren't exactly my thing. Anyway, sorry for the lack of audio quality. Just pretend I am sitting by a waterfall. I am just trying to figure this all out. But, if you care to watch, you will get the point. And, don't even ask why I am on the stairs. I really don't know. 

That's all I got.
Tell me one thing you will not be doing in the next few days.

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