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5 Things I’d Love to Give My Husband This Father’s Day

By Matthewspuzzle @matthewspuzzle

5 Things I’d Love to Give My Husband This Father’s Day

5 Things I’d Love to Give My Husband This Father’s Day – Or what I really wish for him!

With Father’s Day fast approaching I was thinking of what I would really like to give my husband if only I could. These would be the best Father’s Day gifts ever.

  1. A Good Nights Sleep – my husband never sleeps well, and with 3 little boys, one with autism, he hasn’t had a decent nights sleep in over 7 years. If I could I would give him the best nights sleep ever so he could really get some rest on Father’s Day.
  2. Peace of Mind – Being a dad can be stressful, and being a good dad takes a lot of hard work. But being a good dad to a child with autism weighs on ones mind and requires strength one never knew they had. If only I could I would take all those worries away and erase the stress that comes with parenting a special needs child. The daily fears would be wiped away and the future would be bright, at least on Father’s Day.
  3. A Trip to Vegas – He just likes Vegas. So I’d love to send him for a week. Simple as that. How about Father’s Day in Vegas!?
  4. A Good Pillow – This ties in with #1, but my husband can’t find a decent pillow to save his life. Too thick, too thin; just not quite right. I’d love to find him the perfect pillow.
  5. Time – Time to do what he wants or needs. Time to exercise daily. Time to play. Time to just be him.

These would be the perfect gifts for Father’s Day, if only I could give them. Instead I’ll probably get him some shirts. He needs them, but they really aren’t as exciting as Vegas!

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