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5 Tasty Summer T-Shirts

By Fibers @fibers

Summer is upon us! Are you outfitted with enough, comfy clever summer-themed tees to last you until September? If not here are our top picks for summer t-shirts this year.

1. A Man and His Grill T-Shirt – Summer was made for outdoor cooking. It’s a fact, before God invented summer he looked down at his people and saw them hunched over indoor wood stoves, breathing in the smoke and decided to dedicated an entire three months to cooking outside. As the primary hunters men took up the charge of cooking the meat the brought home and the long tradition of men loving their grills began. This t-shirt celebrates that summer tradition.

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2. Team Smores – Summer just isn’t summer without biting into a crunchy, chocolately, sticky sweet s’more while sitting around a camp fire. Some people believe Apple Pie is the most American sweet treat other argue that S’mores should be given the title. So if you subscribe to the later school of thought, this Team S’mores shirt is for you!

t-shirt, smores, summer, camping

3. Powered By Watermelon – One of my personal favorite summer flavors is watermelon. This fruit isn’t simply delicious, it’s also packed full of antioxidants and is a great source for Vitamins A and C. Lately I’ve been eating my watermelon with a little olive oil, a sprinkling of balsamic vinegar and some crumbled feta. It sounds weird, but trust me the combination of sweet and tart is just delightful. This watermelon feta salad recipe uses mint, which is also quite refreshing.

watermelon, t-shirt, summer, fruit,

4. Chlorine is my Perfume T-Shirt – Summers are suppose to be spent by the pool (or river or beach if you’re so lucky as to have those body of waters near by). No childhood is complete without countless hours playing Marco Polo or seeing how many pennies you can pick up in the deep end. Once you become an adult the pool becomes a place or relaxation and calm, especially if that pool features a swim-up bar. Whatever your age nothing smells quite like summer more than that mixture of chlorine and sunscreen.

swimming, t-shirt, summer

5. Camping, It’s In Tents – Much like the circus. Some people believe that parking your RV with a television, wifi and plumbing in the wilderness counts as camping. Well, let me tell you – camping is in tents! Or under the stars… but it’s not a cushy, all the-modern-conveniences-of-home-type thing. That’s why it’s called roughing it. If you’re a camping purest, then this tee should resonate with you.

camping, funny, pun, t-shirt

Have a fun, safe and relaxing summer from!

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