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5 (maybe Not So Important) Things

By Nonibaumann
...about me:
I was tagged by Maddie from Mad Dream Design (go and check out her space if you don`t know it already it´s both beautiful to see and to read) with this little fun game...I can`t resist, so I thought why not, maybe it´s time to get to know each one a bit better:)...
 so here we go with 5 things you may not already know about me:
5 (MAYBE NOT SO IMPORTANT) THINGS1. yes as you see I´ve got curly hair for normal and most time straighten it, I think lots of curly heads straighten their hair, quite mysterious, but I´m one of those
2. I´m also one of those typical distracted creative minds, I have always a whole lot of thoughts and projects in my head (thanks to this space, that I can share), sometimes if my head is really full, I just forget my words while I´m speaking;to top everything I have a right left weakness and only little sense of orientation, being alone with my car in a big, alien city is always quite an adventure.
 I`m a synaesthetic that means I see numbers in colours (which are also male or female) and they are male or female, they even have stories,  I know it´s weird (I think I have to stop here for now)...
3. When I was young I wanted to become a musical performer and did a lot of singing, acting and dancing stuff, just to find out that it´s not the right direction for me and that I love art even more, so to shorten it all up this brought me to study and get my diploma in fashion design, meanwhile looking for a job I started a small ("handmade") business, in between of that I also worked as creative & textile teacher with people with physical and mental disabilities, this was such a precious and important time for me and I think I learned even more from them, then they learned from me. Because my small business meanwhile grew that big I had to quit the job, which made a bit sad, but it was the right decision, now the business grew into a little company with another friend and designer and other seven tailors working for us.
4. Which brings me to the other point...I still looooove singing, me and hubby invest a whole lot of time in church planting combined with worship projects, that`s another big part that's really on my heart
5.and i looove travelling, it´s really a wanderlust sickness, that´s only to cure by travelling, I love road trips, if I could I would be on the road nonstop, but because my work and a few liabilities coming along with that and all those other projects I told you about,  I don`t have so many days off, so maybe it´s just not the right time yet, but I know that some longings in us sometimes are not without a sense, sometimes God has put them in our hearts and he will use it someday and ...
maybe one day I will live in trailer and travel the world...maybe:)...
So that was first part of the game...second one is to tag some others, which also means you (the others) should feel totally free to play along or not, it´s totally up to you....
so I would like to tag Maria, Luana,  Jessi, and Vicky, 
(check out their spaces if you didn`t already, they are each quite unique and I really enjoy reading along their lines)
what are your five facts?
Have fun,

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