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5 Keys Before You Say I Do

By Themilkaint4free @prospermuch
Marriage has the potential to be one of the most beautiful and empowering relationships that you've ever experienced. It can also be a person's worst nightmare if precautions are not taken. With more than 50% of marriages ending in a divorce, it's crucial that we love with both our heads and heart. I believe these 5 keys will help you to navigate the road to love and marriage.
#1. Become the person that you are looking for. In essence, don't create these lofty standards that you yourself can't even live up to. For instance, if you want a wealthy spouse, but you can't even budget a $1000 per month, it's time to start working on yourself. Of course, we all have areas to work on, but it's important to know your own shortcomings and be mature enough to start working on becoming the best person that you can be. After all, isn't that what you want from a potential mate?
#2. Date each other long enough to see how the person's responds during a disagreement on various topics and different situations. Yes, it's not good to marry someone if you are still in the "perfect" we have never had a fight stage. We humans are complex with many different sides. You want to see as many sides as possible before you say "I do."
#3. Watch how your potential mate treat others. If he is super nice to you, but mean to those around him. It's a sure bet, his ugly ways will eventually meet you straight in the face. Definitely believe what the person is "showing" you!
#4.  Leave sex for marriage, and you will have a straighter head to make a wise decision about your choice. The "love" adrenalin combine with sex before time is the right medicine to choose the wrong person. This is a life changing decision that should not be taken lightly. You need to practice self-control and fidelity before marriage. Having premarital sex tends to weaken the trust factor because if they did it with you, what will stop them from doing it with someone else. If you save this opportunity for the wedding night, you will have something so special to experience together to consummate your union.
#5. Will he or she apologize? Or do they always find a way around it. This is crucial. Every relationship will require forgiveness and repenting. Inevitably, couples will offend each other in a relationship. They must be humble enough to apologize and go the extra mile to make it right. If the person you are considering marrying is unable to say "I'm sorry'," you are setting yourself up for a great disappointment. It takes two to say "I do" and make a marriage strong. So use wisdom in choosing a partner for life! The quality of your marriage relationship depends on this essential choice!
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