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Happy "born Again" Birthday to Me!

By Themilkaint4free @prospermuch

Today is my "BORN AGAIN" Birthday! At Age 13, After hearing the gospel from my best friend's Auntie: (heaven or hell), I decided that day I wanted no parts of Hell, so Give me Jesus! Back in those days, they were about that "tarry" life strong and to receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues, they would tell you to say "Jesus, Jesus, long as it takes Round 10 in da building:)😆
I went to church that night said the Salvation prayer and I began to tarry, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (Hallelujah, such a powerful name). I did Not receive the gift of speaking in tongues on that day😉 I can remember like Yesterday, the 2ND DAY of my new birth, Getting off the school bus and two old Mothers in the "very wrong way" mind ya questioning my salvation and telling me I wasn't saved because I didn't speak in tongues. I Still loved those two Mothers and they loved me but they were rough around the edges like me too and yet through Christ, we are made beautiful!
Thank goodness for my Spiritual and "Saved" Mom who understood that Yes, Speaking In Tongues is a powerful gift that you need to accept to have even more spiritual authority on the earth but it's not mandatory for Salvation. I told those Mothers in my 'Confident and Sassy, yet respectful flow,' Yes, I am Saved🥰I know I've been changed!!! 13 y'all and I knew there was a difference in me! HALLELUJAH!HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH!
Through it all, living through my teen life wanting to have fun like everybody else and yet and still very evident to everyone around me GOD'S HANDS was ALL OVER MY LIFE!
I would call myself "cutting school in high school to go with boys to the beach and ended up preaching.  
Going clubbing with friends and while they drank their beer and wine cooler, I would have me a Mickey Mouse ice cream:) the jokes about that is endless to this day:)
One particular day we were doing our usual but God would add a nice twist!
Catching Rides on our adventures AFTER cutting High school and I ended up Praying at a clinic for a classmate to be healed.
And Right After That, GOD took over my English and had me speaking in tongues for the rest of that day🙂 Yep, the very first time I ever spoke in an unknown language was right after one of my "Skip School" adventures.  I tried to explain it to my best friend and side kick but "I would just speak in tongues, no English words would come out." Period:) God used this encounter to convict my heart.
We headed to visit one of my favorite middle school teachers in the midst of us "skipping High School attendance to go to the beach:) Please don't ask me to make it make sense:)
But Yes, I went in the school closet of my favorite teacher's class and prayed to God repenting and HE allowed me to speak in English Again:).  However, I still did not have the "gift of speaking in tongues," and after that day, I did not speak in tongues again until... 
It would be about 2 years after  I first said "I do" to Jesus.  In 10th grade, every day during my lunch break, I would just go to the restroom to pray, and one day just as easy as eating pie, I started speaking in Tongues while praying as I did every day in school in that bathroom stall.  I was so excited! 
Since that day, I've had the gift of tongues but Most importantly, I received the gift of SALVATION which protected me and delivered me out of a WHOLE Lot of Mess.
God is just so good! If it was not for JESUS, according to statistics with my background of poverty, fatherlessness, running the streets, having my first date at about 14 with a 20+ year old man, along with running away from home with a friend just for fun, failing classes every other semester on purpose because I was too busy to attend classes or to do any homework mind you.  I should have been all kinds of stuff...but JESUS! 
HE made me, though I was still quite crazy at times, a God-loving gal with a passion for wanting to live right even when I struggled in areas.  I was still known from middle school on for encouraging Abstinence and I would loudly and proudly sing songs during my "outdoor school performances" like "You don't have to take your clothes off to have a good time."  Who remember that Song:)   😆

My book and this blog was birth from my passionate relationship with Christ and my desire for ALL to fall in love with Jesus and experience the Best and Realest Love You will ever find. 
"Oh I'm madly in love with You Jesus and thank you for choosing Me!"
WOULD YOU LOVE TO ACCEPT JESUS IN YOUR HEART?  It's a simple prayer:  "Lord Jesus, please forgive me for my sins."  I believe you died on the cross for my sins, was buried, and rose again with all powers in your hands.  Thank you Jesus!  I also pray right now that you will fill me with the Holy Spirit to teach me and to help me grow in living a life of righteousness.  I understand that I don't have to be perfect to come to you.  You accept me now Just as I am and with You, I am going to grow stronger in righteousness and in my relationship with God.  In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen and Amen! " ​ 
Welcome to the family of God, All of Heaven is rejoicing! Please comment below to let me know so I too can Celebrate with you!🥰

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