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5 Colors a Day for 1 Week - Day 1

By Ladyexpat

5 Colors a Day for 1 Week - Day 1

Bison, corn, and carrot mashed potatoes

Eating healthy is a priority to me (although rarely will I turn down a good dessert). When my son was first starting to eat solids I tried to offer him five different colors of fruits and vegetables a day.  The past few months I have not been doing as good of a job as I had in the past. So now I'm back for a challenge.  I am going to document the different color fruits and vegetables we eat for a week.  Since I am a flexitarian and don't eat a lot of meat, some of my dishes will be meatless while other dishes will have meat in which I may or may not eat.  By starting in the middle of the week, I will hopefully stick with this as the weekend is usually the hardest since we eat out more.  I have never kept a food journal before so this will help me keep track of the different foods so I make sure we get a variety of each color. I hope to give you a few ideas as well.
Day 1
Breakfast: Cheerios, dried cranberries, cherries, blueberries, and prunes
Lunch: Blueberry/banana almond milk shake, peas, tomatoes, pizza, and crackers (my son ate some sliced turkey and yogurt as well)
Dinner: Bison, carrot mashed potatoes, and corn
Blue/Purple: blueberries, prunes
Green: peas
Red: tomatoes, cherries, cranberries
Yellow: bananas, corn
Orange: carrots

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