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4th of July Jelly Cups

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
4th of July Jelly Cups It's no secret little people love jelly - it's brightly coloured, full-flavoured, and it wibbles and wobbles when you try to scoop it up - what fun!  We don't do jelly very often at our place; the girls always get excited about the idea of it, and scoff down the first few bites, then seem to quickly loose interest... and quite frankly, I've got too many candles on my cake to get excited about such simple things anymore... or do I?
Here's a quick trick to turn ho-hum jelly into something special - as is often the case with gift-giving - it's all in the wrapping:
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions and set your jelly in clear plastic cups (don't fill them past the 3/4s way mark or they'll spill out in the next step).
  • Now - when the jelly is set and you are getting ready to serve it up - in a second clear cup, sprinkle some shiny bright stars, and carefully slip the jelly-cup into the empty-cup.  The best way to do this is to lay the empty cup sort of sideways so that the confetti rests on the side and use your finger to rake it towards the top of the cup.  As you slide the jelly-cup in, many of the stars will push towards the bottom, but that's ok.  
  • When you serve the jelly-cups arrange them so that the starry side is pointing the guests (the other side will be mostly plain).
  • Optional - If you're super keen, you can glue some large stars to the outside of the jelly-cup before you slip it into the empty-cup, so that you have some decoration sitting high and around all the sides.  You could also consider using red tape (like in the noodle box lanterns a couple of posts down) to add some stripes to your jelly-cup.

The best thing about these jelly-cups is the way they look in sunlight; the blue (or red) jelly glows and the stars shine; gorgeous!
You can adjust this idea for other themed parties (or leave as is for a Space, Circus or Rodeo party), by using different jelly colours, putting different confetti shapes in between the cups, using strips of cellophane or tissue paper (keep it thin people!); imagine a fish tank with seaweed and fish for a mermaid party - wow!
So off you go and get excited about the wibbly wobbly bits in your life... well... you know what I mean... or do you?!

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