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4 Ways to Increase Adsense Earning

Posted on the 16 May 2014 by Suprabhat
As soon as i got to know How to Get Google Adsense Approved, from that day i had worked hard to get traffic to my blog and started writing some quality content and in 3 days i got my adsense approved. I had monetized my blog using Adsense Ads for a long time and i made whooping $15 in 2 months thats is very less i know but that was my 1st earning in with Adsense. And over few days i had moved to another methods of Making Money Online like Direct Sponsors, Affiliate marketing etc. 
 Ways to Increase Adsense Earning
                          Then again in few days as i don't find anything better than Google Adsense I switched back to Adsense. After that i had applied some new tricks to Triple my Adsense Income and really it works.
In this Article Today i will share what are those tricks which helped to Triple my Google Adsense Income.

1. Place Ad units above the Fold

At beginning i had place one ad unit of dimension 336x280 in my right Sidebar it worked good but not that better i wanted to. After than i had placed ads between the end of post and comments section but there also the result were not that much i was expecting.           At last i had placed the ad unit above the fold and below the post title, and the result were amazing the CTR increased a lot there. And if you want to make Money from Google Adsense than you should place one ad unit there.

2. Focus On Organic Traffic

In the beginning as soon as i got approved adsense account at that time i was getting my traffic from social media like Facebook, Twitter and mostly amazing traffic from Reddit. But 1 day when i also visited my blog from social media i found that the ads were irrelevant so why anyone would click and at the same time when i came up to my blog from Google Search Engine i found that ads are related to the Topic i was searching for which increases the chance of Click on Google Ads.           That Why Event Niche blogging is quite popular Learn How to make Money from Event Niche Blogging                      So try to drive traffic from Search Engine which directly increases your chance of getting more clicks on Ads.

3. Start using Adsense For Feeds

One day i decided to do something unique, i had used Adsense in Feeds also but i have less subscribers on that time on my blog but the result were good and "Something is better that nothing". So i had monetized my feeds also.And if you don't have subscription box try to create a one using RSS Feeds and install a one your blog and collect some subscribers by running any giveaway and you will get a lot of Subscriber even i got many subscriber after the 1st giveaway of Getting Alexa Pro for Free

4. Try Testing ad units with Different colors and Fonts

As i had enabled both text and pictures Google adsense ads to show up on my blog i had tried to change the color and fonts for my Google ads and found an amazing result. What i did is match the color of Google ads to the color of theme which make it look its a content of my blog only which make users to click on it.                Sometimes its doesn't work so what you have to do is track the CTR of your ads for a week if you found that performance decreased then try to change it again and track again the best way to get best of it is match it with your blog template.

5. Target High CPC Long Tail Keyword

To get High CPC keywords you must have to target HIGH CPC KEYWORDS. And to find those keywords you have to use some tools like Google Keyword Planner , Long Tail Keyword Pro. With the help of this tools you will find those keywords which have high CPC.
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I hope this are the main points i consider to Increase my Google Adsense Income. If you have anything more do mention it in comments on How To Increase Google Adsense Income.

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