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4 Software Development Trends to Look For in 2017

Posted on the 28 June 2017 by Rahulthepcl

Every year brings with it the latest trends in software development. Developers are always innovating efficient ways to make our lives a lot easier. If you are one such developer in software development, then you will have to make sure you stay relevant in this competitive field. Let's take a look at the latest trends.

4 Software Development Trends to Look For in 2017

Many businesses have started to outsource their software development division to third parties for various reasons like saving costs and time. However, the licensing agreement that exists between developers and the licensee could sometimes be violated, leaving the licensee in a tricky situation.
In Case the developer goes bankrupt, the licensee will end up with no ways to access the software or the source code. Source code escrow services like Escrowtech makes sure that the risks of businesses are reduced by placing the source code with a third party.

Augmented reality has been a buzzword for some time now, though most developers have been ignoring it for years. Developers turned their focus on AR when Pokémon Go and Snapchat made high use of it in 2016. Pokémon Go was one of the major head-turners and made everyone jump the AR bandwagon.
The game attracted over 500 million active users. Snapchat success with augmented reality needs no explanation, Snapchat filters are ubiquitous in daily life now. Snapchat and Pokémon Go success is a clear sign for developers to start thinking regarding AR.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been featured in many big budget Hollywood movies forever, and most of us associate AI with the film industry. However, AI has become a very integral part of the business and tech world now. As a matter of fact, many major corporations like Google, Apple, and Facebook have acquired around 140 companies dealing with artificial intelligence since 2012.
We will be seeing more acquisitions this year, adding to the 40 last year alone. We see the trend with developers working on projects based on AI like never before. Developers have started to realise the real potential hidden in such projects. The tech will most likely be incorporated in many business apps to improve their functionality and efficiency in the coming days.

4. Google's Go Programming Language

Google, the tech giant, has been a major contributor in the field of software development. They introduced Go in the year 2016; It is considered to be one of the simplest programming languages ever. The language was an instant hit among developers as soon as it was introduced.
Go is known for its efficiency, simplicity, high performance and the support. In addition to its functionality, many developers are betting on Google to make Go a big name in the future. They've been consistent in introducing high-performance products and services in the past years and hence, Go is likely to become a mainstream language in the coming years.
The software development field has seen various changes over the years. Some of it is a result of changing preferences and expectations. As businesses try to stay updated with the latest tech, developers must follow suit as well. The discussed trends are some of the most important ones you should watch out for this year. Some of these would stay attractive beyond 2017 as well. Do drop in your views in the comments section as well.

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