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4 Random Yet Thrilling Highlights From The Weekend

By Brisdon @shutuprun

1. A picture  (Because I never post pictures of myself).

I know that me completing in Ironman is SO yesterday's news – after all, it was over a month ago. However, this weekend I received some new pictures that were taken by my nephew. Pictures I had not seen before.  Let me tell you why this one is an all time favorite:


I had just finished the first loop of the swim, and was headed out for the next 1.2 miles. Like everyone, my nerves at the start had been out of control (thank God I did not crap in my wetsuit). The first part of the swim was insane with 3,000 bodies and current and waves. By the time I rolled (literally –tossed by the waves) onto the beach after the first loop, I knew I was going to be okay….you know how you just know things?

It was a moment of triumph, even though I was still 12+ hours from the finish line. I scanned the huge crowds just hoping to find a glimpse of my family. This picture is the moment when I saw them and they saw me. My mom will tell you this was also the moment she knew her daughter was going to be fine (you can imagine a mom’s worry watching that freak show of a swim start). So that, my friends, is why I love this picture. That and the husky tattooed man to my left.

2. Cookies.

My mom, Joie, Erika and I got together for a cookie baking extravaganza. There were 10 different kinds of cookies in all. I find this very impressive.


Kinds and Recipes ( you are welcome):

S’Mores Cookies
Thumbprint Cookies
Cocoa Nut Balls (from my childhood, can’t find the recipe online)
Mexican Wedding Cookies
Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies
Magic Cookie Bars
Shortbread/Chocolate Chip Cookies
Saffron Snickerdoodles
Cinnamon Spiced Hot Chocolate Cookies
Mini Brownies (again, childhood)

3. Getting Dressed.

When you run or do something sweaty every day and work from home, you spend 99.5% of your life in a ponytail, running tights/shorts and a fleece jacket (on the good days I will wear a CYA ((Cover Your Ass)) skirt over my tights so as not to not scar the grocery store patrons. Guess I need one of these – great stocking stuffer!).

This weekend I traded in my stinky clothes for a dress and boots as we had a party to attend. I bet you didn’t even know I owned a brush (or was invited to parties). The dress was from Forever XXI (my personal mantra, yeah right) and was only $25 or so.


4. Mask.


I fit in a couple more sub zero runs. I really don’t want to talk about it because I am annoyed by how f&cking freezing it is, but I go anyway because there are 10 kinds of cookies in the house. The good thing about running in the extreme cold is that you can rob a store along the way.


What was one random highlight from your weekend? Another random thing was coping with the grumpy people at the grocery store, especially in the baking aisle. I even heard one mom mutter under her breath, “I have got to get the %&$ out of here.”

Favorite holiday cookie to make? There are so many. I’m still a fan of the basic sugar cookie cut outs that you decorate.


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