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3M Clear Bra: Answers to Common Questions

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

 3M Clear Bra: Answers to Common Questions

3m clear bra

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There are lots of fans for 3M’s Clear Bra product, otherwise officially known as “3M Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film.” But whatever name it goes by, it helps to shield cars from paint abrasions and scratches.

If you are in the market for this 3M product you may have questions about the care, maintenance, and installation of it. We’ll go over some of the most commonly voiced concerns and offer some answers.

How much will it cost?

The answer to this question varies greatly because of the different installation packages that are available for cars.

You can select from a basic plan that covers the front and hood of your car, or go for the full treatment that will cover areas such as door edges, handle inserts, mirror backs, door painted bumpers, rocker panels, wheel openings, spoilers, and more.

Some people report starting prices of around $600, while others report figures higher or lower than this. Check with your local installers and get the best pricing available.

Do it yourself

A frequent question that comes up is whether a 3M Clear Bra can be self-installed on a car. Yes it is possible, but doing so will automatically void the 3M warranty.

Short answer: Don’t DIY.

Clear coat and paint

3M states that painting or clear coating over its clear bra products isn’t recommended because they have already have OEM-accepted clear coats. The polyurethane film was not made to accept paint or other clear coat applications.

Car graphics

Your car may already have decals or graphics applied to your paint job, and while the clear bra can be installed over them, these graphics may peel off if you ever need to remove the paint protection film.


When removing squashed bugs from the clear bra, the best advice for doing this is to clean them off as soon as you can with warm water and soap. If there is still bug residue left, a solution of rubbing alcohol may help. After rubbing the stains off with a microfiber cloth, let the car sit in the sun to bleach out any remaining stains over time.


You can keep your film shield looking fresh by using special synthetic waxes for cars. Avoid regular wax products because a buildup of dirt and wax occurs. Synthetic wax may accumulate around the edges, but this can be taken off with a microfiber cloth.

Alternative products

3M Clear Bra products are one of the most recognizable names in clear-film car protection. However there are other brands that are comparable in performance, and some even have the added benefit of being “self-healing” against nicks, cuts, and scratches.

For those who don’t mind veering off the beaten path, these optional clear bras may be the answer for those who are cost conscious.

Post your need in to hire a local auto customization professional.

Stop searching! Start Selecting!

Check out various reviews for 3m Clear Bra products to see if they meet your needs. Things to check for are their durability, resistance to yellowing over time, and customer reviews of these products.

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