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365 – Kind of Grateful!

By Jenrene

well, the first week of January  2014 is gone… and one of my goals  this year is to be more PRESENT with my photography work. so  you may follow me here, to see where the photos take me!  I am also gonna try to  take note of PRIORITY with my work and post PRIORITY as my one word  for the year  and keep is visual on my  blog and  business forte’ agenda!

and i stayed up pretty late this week  ( bad habit)  but i found myself reminiscing on what I was  truly grateful for. decided to take on this wonderful challenge with a friend in Switzerland this week; and was absolutely delighted she asked me to   take on a challenge called  challenge!

 Babies ~

Asha, my niece was fun to watch this week! so  extremely grateful for her lil pudgy, smily self!

Reading Tools~

this is my pretty bookmark, it was a literal miracle… but i played around with my cam  and was surprised what came of  it .. it really happened to shine… so grateful for small cameras   so nearby, on my phone!

my heart

Cozy Corners      ~      

Then,  on January 2nd…i was sick this week and stayed here most of the time…

next to my books! but was grateful for hubbs awesome care!

nite desk (1)

My  Parents ~

mom dad and me

and…since i was very close to my mantle, I took pics of my mantle pics!

thankful for family and that I have pics of my parents at such a young age! (Myself too!)

  Me eating the BEST potato EVER!!
 Good, mouth watering, scrumptious food!

~ and then, lastly,  since this week i had THE  BEST potato ever, and since I have a new social media gig at Tommys , i decided to post one of my famous pics eating the  best potato ever,  where i  work!  OMG.. you would LOVE this smoked potato!

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