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33 Surprising Ways on How to Deal With a Broken Heart

By Kim Jol

Being heartbroken is the last thing you’d expect but nonetheless it’s a lifecycle that revolves around relationships, dating and divorce.

So many people are heartbroken every single day and they end up being frustrated and even some end up committing suicide.

When you’re heartbroken do not take it lightly otherwise you may end up devaluing yourself.


In this blog post you’ll learn how to deal with a broken heart and how to withstand rejection.

There’re a number of ways you can deal with heart break but what we’ll talk about are proven tips that can heal you completely.

Let the fun begin

1. Reflect about your life: Take a step back, look at your life, and reflect how your dating scenario was and how you intend it to be.

2. If you feel sad to a point you can’t hold it, I’d advice that you cry so to relieve the heavy burden from your heart.
3. Get a journal and write about your life
4. Remove all the pictures and reference from your room; this will help you forget about her/him
5. Unsubscribe the person from all the social media platforms
6. Unfollow them on Twitter (Highly Recommended)
7. Go to gym and Yoga
8. Eat well and make sure it’s a balanced diet food.
9. Try to avoid your ex at all cost especially at the social clubs.
10. Go to church every Sunday morning and avoid talking to every one about your ex.
11. Be happy always, smile at any given opportunity. If you feel that you’re bored I’d recommend that you listen to music.
12. Forgive, Forgive, Forgive and Forgive. Analyze what went wrong with your ex and forgive. This approach will give you extra motivation for your next relationship.
13. Once you analyze what went wrong, you should definitely learn from your mistakes.  To avoid being heart broken or rejected, you should take stock on what happened carefully and adjust from them.
14. If you decide to give your ex a chance to talk, please do not argue with him/her. If the person who broke your heart gets angry do not retaliate back, just be calm, collected, and serene.
15. Engage with your friends, as this will help you feel at home and secured. There’s nothing good like leaning towards your friends. Have a talk with your best friend about your heartbreak.
16. Go on a trip
17. Involve yourself into activities, like playing basketball, swimming or bowling
18. Read a book every night before you go to sleep.
19.Fantasize about your career,
20. Focus on the potential of thegood
21.Be ambitious and shoot for the stars
22. From my own experience if you feel confident that you've overcome your past relationship, then I’d advice that you start dating other people. 

Don’t start dating other people before your broken heart settles, OK? Don’t be in a rebound love.

23. Turn your life around
24. Don’t be obsess with your heart broker
Let’s pause from there as we wait to continue as from 25.
Let’s talk a bit about how you get over a girl or a man who you loved so much. Imagine one day you woke up and your better half tells you it over between us.

How would you feel?



If you happen to be on this bracket, I’d advice that you just try to let out the bad emotion that swirling around inside you because of the brake up.

Don't try to make her/him jealous, that never works and don’t date other girls/men just for the heck of it, the right one will come around, maybe she’s/he’s just making up excuses to cover up something that’s happened in her or his family or something (but don’t accuse her of it, it might not be) you don’t have to have a girlfriend at the moment, if she’s the one, she'll come around, if not, then her loss, and you will find the girl that right for you someday
That was just a BTW.
Let’s continue with step 25.
25. If you happen to have assets that you were sharing with your ex I’d advice that you stop bickering over every little asset otherwise it would make both of you selfish and petty to your fans.
26. What about Kids? If you’ve kids, make sure to put a lot of focus on them rather than enjoying them on your broken hearts.
27. Stop publicly bashing each other. Publicly bashing your soon-to-be ex demonstrates a lack of credibility and leaves a bad taste in the court's mouth.
28. Don’t leave your radio on, on your way to work as this will bring in memories of your ex.
29. If you’re in pain and confused, I’d advice that you read this article from Dr. Phil about healing a broken heart
30. If children are involved in your broken heart, please do not try to make them as escape goat.
31. Do not think non-stop about why they REALLY left you
32. Do not spy on them
33. Last but not the least, I’d recommend that you STOP constantly checking your email and voice mail to see if he/she called.

Conclusion but not the end

If really want to deal with a broken heart, then I’d encourage that you follow the above 33 surprising tips. If you put them in practice I can guarantee you that it will work and you’ll enjoy a lot.
Am happy because, I've written this blog post because I believe it not only help the people who have been heart broken, but it will also help the following:
  • It will help both men and women on how to deal with a broken heart
  • People on how to heal a broken heart
  • People on how to deal with rejection
  • People on how to deal with a cheating boyfriend
  • People on how to deal with jealousy

I hope you've enjoyed our discussion, and if you happen to have any feedback in regards on how to deal with a broken heart, kindly don’t hesitate to leave your comments below for heated debate.

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I’d be more than happy if you do that.

Have a Happy Loving Day

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