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The Definitive Guide on How to Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore (Step-By-Step Guide)

By Kim Jol
text your ex back
I had once a sweet relationship with this girl living in the next city. We have been an enviable couple for two years. We frequently go out on dates. 

And most of my friends have assumed that our relationship will end in marriage. However, all of them were surprised – including me – when we suddenly broke up. I have kept the reason a secret to everybody for a long time. My ego was hurt, and my pride cannot handle the fact that she fell for another guy.

Fortunately, it was not a messy break up. 

Before she started dating the other guy, she talked to me first. Nevertheless, it was still a painful experience. After a few months of being apart, I started to reconnect with her via text. Unlike meeting personally, talking over the phone, or chatting through the internet, texting has been the best option for me. Texting is a bit impersonal and personal at the same time. And talking through SMS was not oppressing and stressful for both of us. Months have passed, we were able to become closer once more, and I won her back.

Why Text Back an Ex

Texting back an ex is not all about rekindling your old romance or getting her on your bed because not all ex's are worth getting back for – just like Amelia McDonell-Parry always says. Texting is one of the best ways to mend a broken connection and re-establishing your old friendship – just like what this guy did in this article. Texting can send her signals that you are over about the breaking up part and you are now fine. Also, it can help you make her your friend once again.

As I mentioned a while ago, texting is both personal and impersonal. Unlike calling her by phone, texting does not require her to answer immediately. 

You can just leave a message on her mobile, and leave it up to her when she will decide to reply.

Motivation on Texting an Ex Back

To be honest, texting an ex back seems a bit cowardly to the eyes of many. However, it does work wonders if a person wants to get his old flame rekindled. In love, the ends do sometimes justify the means. However, never do something weird and creepy as starving your old dog just to get her attention or trying so hard to make her look back at you by doing revenge surgery. 

Examples of those scenarios are the stories on these links below: 


Man Starves Dog In 'Sick' Attempt To Win Ex Back: Cops (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Second Example is as Below

ex back surgery

Getting back at your ex -- by getting surgery

If you really want her back for sure, use something that does work and not out of this world. Texting does not pose a lot of risk, and it is a safe way to minimize your chances of getting rejected or hurt once more. Also, it is a generally acceptable way of getting your ex’s attention. And even before you try to take your ex back, you should consider a few things first according to Simcha Whitehill.

Michael Fiore about Getting an Ex Back through Text

Michael Fiore is a relationship expert who has been helping rebuilding relationships of couples who broke up. He has appeared and has been heard on television and radio shows nationwide. As of now, he has focused on spreading his love advice in the form of eBooks, which you can buy and download from online stores such as Amazon. One of his best-selling books is 'Text Your Ex Back'. Other than that, he has published other relationship self-help books such as The Secret Survey: What Men Desperately Want You to Know But Will Never Tell You’, ‘Text the Romance Back Program’, 'Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend’, and his most recent book, 'Text Your Ex Back 2.0'.

In his book Text Your Ex Back, which garnered a lot of positive reviews, he gives valuable pieces of advice on how you can take advantage of the power of text messaging to get your ex. 

Together with those words of wisdom are some of his proven text messages that will surely make your ex consider coming back to you. And instead of you begging for your ex to come back, he or she will be the one who will do it. Even if you or your partner was the reason for your break up or was the one who initiated it in the first place, those 'magic' text messages will surely allow you to take him or her back with ease.

In case you want a free download of the ebook, just visit his website.

Sample Solutions on How to Get Your Ex Back through Text

Before you do anything first, you should understand that you must text your ex at the right time. 

When is the right time? The right time is after a month or two without contact from each other. After the break up, you should not, in anyway, talk to your ex. You should let things cool down first. Taking action just after getting your heart broken will only make you prone to doing stupid things.

Also, do not be a text terrorist. 

Stop texting her if the girl ignores your text. You can never force her to reply or anything. Also, never beg for her attention or try to start a fight when you realize that she is not willing to respond to your text. Doing that will only make matters worse.

When you have already exceeded a month without contact, you should start texting her.

However, do not just text anything that you want or all the things you feel. The best things to say to her should be things that will make her think a lot about you. And if you are at a loss for words, it will be best for you to buy Michael Fiore’s book, Text Your Ex Back.

The book contains the things you need to text, word by word. They are proven effective and will lessen your risk of losing your ex permanently. To get your copy this book, visit The site will give you more ideas on how you can get your ex back via text and how you can get Michael Fiores’ book.Well,If you've any feedback, kindly leave your comments below and i'll be more than happy to answer you.Thanks so much and have a Lovely Texting Day!   

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