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Why Don’t Girls Text First – Here Are Some Common Reasons

By Kim Jol
Why Don’t Girls Text First – Here Are Some Common Reasons

Girls enjoy texting as much as men do and you often see them spending hours on their phones when commuting or waiting for someone.

Why don’t girls text first? This is a question that has been asked by many guys. Girls and guys generally exchange phone numbers when they meet for the first time or when they have been seeing the same faces at common gatherings. Some girls do not give their numbers unless they are interested.Why don’t girls text first?Most often, girls prefer to get the first text from a guy they have met. Guys are impatient and want to start pursuing girls while girls are wary and will wait patiently. This could be because no girl likes to feel that she is needy or desperate. They prefer to have the men chasing them rather than the other way around.If you wish to get in touch with a girl, would you wait for her to text you first? No, you would however want to send her messages to see if she displays any interest in you. When a guy gets a text message for the first time from a girl, he is unsure of what to do next. Girls will therefore wait to hear from a guy first.The best way to know if she is equally interested in you is to text her after a couple of days of meeting. Send her a message that says ''Hey''. This will be her cue to respond with a ''Who’s this?'' You can text her back after an hour or so and remind her about that particular instant when you both shared a joke and laughed merrily. This will help her to make the connection with you if she has met many guys at the party. If she responds with a cheerful text, you know that she may be interested in you.Awaken the interest with interesting text messages - Many guys make the mistake of flooring a girl they have just met with endless text messages and jokes. 

Keep your text messages short and sweet. One-liners are fun and some with double-meanings could send out the right signals provided they are clean. You can also be bold and send messages that shock her. 

For instance you can say, “We had such fun last night. I am sure we could soon be best friends!” Girls will fall for this line and want to let you know that they do not consider you a friend!Why don’t girls text first? They may be genuinely busy. Try talking to her in person. She may then respond to your messages and send you some equally interesting text messages.  You know she is not interested in you when she does not respond to your text messages though by not texting you first there is no indication of her not being attracted to you.Just because a girl does not text you first does not mean you should ignore her. If you felt that spark at your last meeting, you should continue to interest her by sending her text messages. She may not respond initially which does not mean that she does not care. Girls like to be wooed and put up a busy front but for the most part they are waiting for you to make the first move. Find out by sending her the right text message that will get her to send you replies.You know you stand to win when you play your cards right and send her text messages that flatter her, let her know that you care and that you await a response.

Try not to make empty threats or promises if you want your relationship to get to the next level.

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