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How to Date a Single Parent Without Affecting the Children

By Kim Jol
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Dating a single parent would probably be similar to setting foot and navigating in a foreign land – new, challenging, mysterious. 
Akin to dating, it is as if all your tried and tested strategies suddenly became different. But, guess what? Dating a single parent is not that complicated. In fact, you would be surprise to know that it can be an exciting journey, something worthy of traveling through.There is a pre-conceived notion of dating a single parent saying that they are less likely to rush things, more mature and experienced in life. 

So what are the other reasons for dating a single parent?

  • Firstly, a single parent knows how to make a relationship work. Since they have been through failed relationships before, they now know what to make of the budding sweet partnership.
  • Secondly, they have excellent boundaries. A single parent knows the best time to get their kids involved. They do not just introduce every prospect they bone. Instead, they know how to set a protective wall between one’s love life and kid’s life.
  • Thirdly, single parents know exactly what they want and look for in a person to date. Past relationships have made them smarter enough to know the one who’s worthy. If there is one thing to learn on being in a single-parent household, it is the ability to adjust well to change, deal with unexpected happenings and embrace what lies ahead with grace and positivity.
In this day and age, the face of single parenting no longer means illegitimate children and broken homes, at least in the part where it is more common now. 

According to research, in America alone, almost 30 percent of families with children are raised by single parents. 

However, while children of single parents have a less tendency to be stigmatized compared to before, there are still those who are at risk of psychological and developmental problems. 

Take for example kids who dropped out of school or those who get into an early relationship and pregnancy all because they thought they have been neglected by their parents. 

The following are other reasons why children get mostly affected when their single parents date and how children are affected by single parent families: 

  • Children raised by single parents fear that they may share the undivided love and attention given by their parent.
  • The fear of losing Mom and Dad in the process once a new guy or woman enters the picture.
  • The fear of dealing with a newcomer in the household, someone whom they brand as a total stranger.
The nuances of dating are difficult for kids to understand. Therefore, a parent must be very careful in involving kids who have little maturity and understanding of what is going on. 

The following are steps and advice on single parents dating:

Keep an open line of communication – depending on the child’s age and level of maturity, it is salient that a parent communicates openly with his/her child. 

Ask questions and talk about how they feel of the new guy/woman you are dating. 

Giving them the opportunity to say something about your newfound love would make them feel needed and important.

Regular ''alone'' time with the children must be set. 

This is one way of affirming that they are still your utmost priority despite the presence of your new partner.

Physical display of affection must be limited especially when the kids are around. 

Boundaries must be set and overnights must be confined to nights when the kids are not in the house.

In Conclusion

Dating especially when you are a single parent is a complicated balance of romance - focusing on building a strong relationship with a new partner and parental responsibility. 

It is a complex situation requiring awareness, compassion, consideration and sensitivity. Considering dating sites for single parents or how single parents dating online may be of great help in searching for a date and a future partner.

Finally, if you find this article helpful and feel like this has enlightened you, don’t hesitate to hit the ''share'' button. 

Indeed, single parents are extraordinary beings capable of doing extraordinary things for their well-deserved kids.

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