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31 Before 31

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy

This is something that I had intended to write months ago (like, when I turned 30!), but obviously I like a challenge and want to give myself less time to complete my missions! I did fairly okay with my 30 Before 30, noting that I gave myself two years to complete it! As expected, I didn't complete it, and a few things were changed a long the way because it wasn't realistic.Nevertheless, here are the 31 Things that I want to do before I turn the not-so-rounded 31:31 Before 311. Lose 28lbs 15.01.2014 - 4.5lbs lost so far!2. Watch 31 Films3. Read 31 Books4. Find a new job5. Go to Wales6. Climb Cwmorthin (steep. Incline. Do I need to say more?? I have done it before, about three or four years ago, but I'd like to do it again)7. Go to Scarborough8. Go to Whitby9. Go to Northumberland10. Go to Derby11. Fit into my black and white dress12. Fit into my Graduation Jeans13. Be able to shop in Primark14. Be able to shop in Dorothy Perkins15. Be able to shop in the "main section" of New Look16. Earn lots of money to fund all of this shopping that I am apparently going to do this year!!17. Learn Welsh (I will learn one day. I WILL!!)18. Make a photo wall collage19. Have a social life (this would be good!)20. Go to the Cinema at least once a monthJanuary: American Hustle21. Try 10 healthy recipes22. Have a manicure (taken from my previous list, I will have to grow my nails a little for this one, because they got ruined when I moved house and haven't quite recovered yet!)23. Walk up Steep Hill in Lincoln24. Finish writing first draft of novel25. Star Wars Marathon: In the Correct Order (we started doing this as part of my 30 Before 30, but only made it to Attack of the Clones, and then caught A New Hope on telly, which messed things up a tad!)26. Go Go-Karting!27. Visit a Spa28. Have a girl's weekend29. Pay off my overdraft and credit card (seems like an afterthought all the way down here, but I'm being "quietly hopeful" about getting them paid off!)30. Just have an awesome year, full of travelling, friends and laughs!31. Celebrate getting another year older :)Off to a good start with this one, this year, but looking forward to how things progress throughout 2014.What amazing plans do you have either in 2014, or before your next birthday?

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