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30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 24

By Mleonardo18

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What I like in a guy?

✿ His smile – this is one of the reasons why I fell in love with my boyfriend. I really like it when a guy has a nice smile.

✿ Respectful (especially to his parents) – my parents are important to me so I want someone who will respect my parents just as I respect them.

✿ Has a sense of humor – I like someone who can make me laugh. It’s not hard to make me laugh anyway.

✿ Hardworking and knows that he wants to do in life – I’m very lucky to have a boyfriend that is very hardworking and has a direction in life.

That’s all for this post. That pretty much sums up the most important things that I like in a guy.


30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 24

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