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3 Marketing Tools Every Wedding Pro Should Use: Part II

By Lynnwhite619 @lynnwhite

This is the second of a three series post about essential marketing tools for Wedding Pros.  In the first of this series, I talked about e-zines.  If you missed that post, you can read it here.  Today, I want to talk to you abut blogging.

A blog allows anyone to share their opinions, life, and/or images and to share valuable information with their readers.   There are several sites that allow the user to publish a blog for free.  Like the e-zine, a blog should be customized to match your brand.  You can use your blog to show pictures from weddings you have been involved with; provide tips to Brides in planning their wedding, etc.

When you add content to a blog, it is called posting.  You can post to your blog as often or as little as you would like, but keep in mind consistency and providing helpful information is key to a successful blog. It is recommended that you post to your blog two to three times a week; this is key in showcasing yourself and your business.   Another benefit to posting regularly is to provide more content to search engines … the more the post, the better when it comes to attracting the search engine ‘spiders’.

You can’t constantly change the images in the portfolio on your website so a blog allows you to add recent photographs from weddings so that Brides can continue to see the wonderful work you have done.

If you’d like to learn more about blogging, feel free to download the Blogging Kit For Wedding Pros on the Techie Wedding Pros website at

Remember that building your community of brides is not something that will happen overnight so please have patience.  If you are consistent and continue to implement these three marketing tools, you will be well on your way to building your own community of brides (lead list) and booking more weddings!

If you want to learn more about blogging and how to use it to build your business, download, “17 Content Blogging Ideas for Wedding Pros,” “8 Ways to Promote Your Blog,” and “Blogging Platforms: A Wedding Pros Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Blog on and Blogger.”

Are you an avid blogger?  How do you use blogging as a part of your marketing strategy?

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