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2nd Lives: Coca-Cola on Upcycling

Posted on the 10 June 2014 by Caidiva @caidiva

This is so cool! Way to go Coca-Cola!

In Vietnam, The Coca-Cola Company has begun freely distributing 40,000 modified bottle tops that transform an average plastic Coca-Cola bottle into any of 16 different tools.

The ‘2nd Lives’ programme seeks to answer the simple question: What if empty plastic bottles were given second lives? With the help of advertising house Ogilvy & Mather China, Coca-Cola devised various ‘second life’ tools, including a paintbrush, pencil sharpener, bubble-blower, water gun, shampoo dispenser, children’s toy, spray bottle, night-light, sauce dispenser and more.

The programme was first piloted in Vietnam in March and will be rolled out to Thailand and Indonesia later this year. Source: Yahoo

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