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25 Random Facts About Me

By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh
Hey everyone, i have seen quite a few of the '50 random facts about me' tag floating about on youtube. I really wanted to do a similar one on here. So instead of trying to a)Think up and write down 50 & b) to save you from boredom, I shortened it down to 25. I thought this post would be approproiate because you don't all yet know the person behind the camera plus its something fun! Let me know if you have done something similar i would love to read!! Leigh xo
25 Random facts about me (this is me as a little nipper and my Granddad. Because posts are boring without pictures.)
1. I have a 16 month old son called Ewan. 2. I am a short arse at 5'4. 3. I hate not knowing the future. 4. My favorite song and the one that sums me up is 'Dancing with myself - Billy Idol' 5. I love watching the crime and investigation channel. 6. My middle name is Hazel, named after my grandmother i never got to meet. 7. When i was younger i wanted to be a criminal defence lawyer. 8. I love horror films the only one that has ever scared me is 'The Strangers' 9. An anagram of my name 'Leigh Buttrey' is 'The Ugly Biter' (not quite sure what to make of that?) 10. I am not a vegetarian but i would happily only eat vegetables for the rest of my life. 11. My favorite sound is rain pattering on the window or on a tent, it relaxes me. 12. I have two tattoos and i can't wait to get a sleeve on my left arm. 13. My all time favorite word would be Haemoglobin, I say it in this stupid voice because it makes me happy. 14. I have never been good at mental arithmetic and still sometimes use my fingers to count. 15. Under my quilt is my Safe place. (where i feel most at ease) 16. I have never stepped foot out of Europe. 17. I only have 3 close friends i can rely on. 18. People who are ungrateful really annoy me. 19. My favorite dish that my mom makes would have to be Lasagne. 20. I don't want to get married. (After all you don't need a piece of paper to tell you that you love one another) 21. I believe entirely on second chances. 22. People usually take my kindness for weakness. 23. I have a dimple on my right thigh. 24. Small talk makes me anxious 25. I am a registered Anthony Nolan doner.
Leigh xo

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