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2016 GOP Convention: 4 Days of Trump Infomercials

Posted on the 22 July 2016 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Expected this year's RNC gathering of clowns to be beyond expectation?...well, it sure was!...way beyond my own, and everyone else expectations. How far could a once proud & dignified Conservative Political Party, lower the standards of that 'political bar'?
Today's GOP version outdid themselves, right into the pits of hell, into the depths of Rudeness, Impoliteness, and Indecorum. Historically Rude, Historically Impolite, and the most Indecorous organized political event ever, in a civilized American Society!...decorum? This is a group of Sociopaths, Racists, Bigots of all Kinds...and Extremely Lily White!...all up for a good old fashioned Lynching! A convention, run by the foolish, for the inane!...BTW, has anyone seen the Trumpster's "very own" African American at the Quicken Loans Arena?
This year's...the 2016 Clown Show -aka- RNC National Convention...turned into an all out, Freak Show! A little bit for everybody! from a Rock Star's entrance to the Coronation of Heir Führer, Donald Drumpf! All Trump needed was the Tiara and the Sash! would've gone great with his spray tan and comb-over! It was a Convention, not so much about the Republican Party, but a 4 day Infomercial on the greatness, the goodness, the all-knowing, all-seeing...the greatest mind ever to exist on this earth, custom made by God himself!...and you know that, cause The Donald said so! Doesn't matter how many times this pathological liar is caught red handed...who cares? ha! ha!'s just The Donald!
Lie over and over, till people forget where and how the Lie originated...and people will tend to believe it, as the Truth!'s one of the principle techniques of Propaganda, "The Big Lie". The IQ's of his true loyal following are mesmerized by this Sociopath's horseshit. Who cares what he does? it's Donald, he knows more than we do!!
Enter, stage Right: Overheard 2 ladies at Walmart; "I'm voting for Trump cause he's a tremendously gifted and successful businessman. Hey! he said so, honey! it got to be true"?!?!..."and he'll know how to build our terrible economy back up"! Are we seriously at the dawn of "Idiocracy"??
There were enough Fireworks for the excitement of the crowd...but not necessarily Kate Smith's God Bless America and the Red, White, & Blue type! started with "Never Trump" opposition delegates in a Rules Committee rebellion demanding a Roll Call. When turned down by the RNC, amidst the boos and Bronx cheers the Iowa and Colorado Delegations walked off the Floor...with the Colorado Delegation walking out at exactly 4:20pm!...I kid you not!
Then you had Ted Cruz on Stage and on Prime Time, presumably to give an open Endorsement of Le Grande Orange...instead, he sort of created his own rendition of "Et Tu Brute"! His message to Republicans? Vote your conscience! Why? “I am not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my father.” him or hate him, at least Ted Cruz has the 'cojones' to stand up to Trump!...something that Chris Christie lost long ago. It's hard for the 410lbs Christie to keep bending down for The Donald...but, for a good position in his Administration he'll continue to bend down as much and as low, as Donald wants.
The Speakers? From Melania Trump, with her tough understanding the English Language, giving an extremely eloquent oratory...very eloquently plagiarized from Michelle Obama's 2008 Convention Donald Jr. plagiarizing a sentence or two the following Night. Oh! got permission to use it from the original author?  Never crediting the man, and allowing people to believe this young man wrote them, is still plagiarizing and defrauding the public!
From the President of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, who spoke on-stage and for the 1st time in its history are Endorsing a Candidate...Hillary Rodham Clinton, of all people! From Scott "Chachi" Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr....Trump's A list of Hollywood Superstars, who spoke about the need for a Megalomaniac Sociopath to become Leader of the Free World, to Christie becoming a one man Judge, Jury, and Executioner...prosecuting Hillary! And Rudy Giuliani is not far behind...appearing to have an out of body experience, and spewing vengeful hatred in every sentence of his speech directed at the Clintons, and anybody else who opposed his "Drag Smooching" buddy...Dems or GOP. Or is it all, just the deliberate baiting of an audience to the chants reserved for lynch mobs?!?!
A lot of Hillary Clinton baiting! over and over, just enough for the Public to hear and keep the attention away from 4 Days of absolutely no constructive and realistic Platform or Policies, while going into this Fall's Elections. It's going to be Attack Hillary! Attack Hillary!...and stonewall your way out of any questions dealing with specific Policies or Party Platforms. He doesn't need Policies to run a least that's what he says!
But make no mistake, this was not your conventional Republican Convention, but a spotlight for a Self-adulating and narcissistic 69-year-old fart, and a dysfunctional rich Stepford family who speak about the 'rough times' having to grow up with money...oh! poor babies!...while becoming the carbon copy of their old man! Plagiarizing or Lie their way through The Donald! Ivanka even used this 4 Day Infomercial and her plug her clothing line! Trump!
The Trump/Pence ticket became the most Right Wing White Supremacist ticket in modern American any Political Party!...with the Public backing of the KKK and the American Neo-Nazis. And it's become the biggest migraine the Republican Party has ever had to face since Booth shot Lincoln! Especially now, with Trump's talks on dumping NATO in favor of Russia and Vlad...along with his record-breaking 1 hour and 15-minute rambling diatribe of Fear and Hate. Almost unanimously criticized as the Worst Acceptance Speech ever given by anyone in US History!
The Bush Family and scores of Republican elected officials and dignitaries skipped the fiasco...Ohio Governor John Kasich skipped the farce of Cleveland and went (politically) "fishing". It's not been the Best of Times for Republicans or FoxNews this week...oh! PS: So long Roger!
You know it's gotten pretty bad and sad for the Grand Old Party, when you start missing the Words and Wisdom of George Dubya!...and of Eastwood's Empty Chair!
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