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2016 GOP Clown Debates: New Faces, Old Faces, Same Stupidity!

Posted on the 06 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
BY RF Schatten
"Make 'em laugh! Make 'em laugh! Don't you know, everyone wants to laugh?" There's nothing more invigorating to the soul of Progressive America than watching the Republicans' quadrennial attempt at staging an intellectually serious Political Primary, that's Entertainment!!
And, Yes!..Christmas did come early for the Blue Team. If Ted Cruz's announcement on his 2016 Presidential run, is a sign of things to's going to be one wild and crazy batshit primaries, everything needed for a Must-See TV experience of a lifetime. Another super season of the Great American Clown Show.
The cast of characters itching to expose themselves for who they really are: Ted Cruz and his alter-ego, Raphael Sr. ready to take on all comers. Who will dare challenge the Alberta, Canada native? Rick Perry?...Oops! he 'really' does believe, his new makeup makes him look different  than the fool, America has learned to love watching screw up in debates. Michele Bachmann will be sorely missed, but the "Wicked Witch" of HP might very well take her place...there's a 90% chance according to Carly Fiorina, that she might jump in to continue the tradition of the GOP's token female. Her platform? To do for America what she did for Hewlett Packard...'that' could become the oops moment for sweet Carly?
Newt Gingrich is retiring from the Freakshow ...which now, makes him eligible for the Batshit Hall of Fame. Mitt Romney? his Etch-a-sketch has finally broken down and doesn't want to go out and play anymore!
The list continues: Dr. Ben Carson, the man who made a reputation and a very good living out of Medical Science and modern technology...and who taught Medical Students the finer points of Medical Science...'is' a Science Denier. He too wants that Spotlight shining right at him, just as bad as his predecessor, Herman Cain. Someone, has to be the GOP token black? Rand Paul will be there...trying his best impersonation of Ron and Libertarians, but failing miserably. If Mike Huckabee shows up, his cat scratch fever buddy won't be far behind. There's Rick Snyder, the GOP's own Gov. William J. Lepetomane who's trying to use "Eminent Domain" to take over the Town of Rock Ridge...ah? oh! I mean Benton Harbor, MI!  There's talk of him, also running for Prez!
Now, for the Republican Party's "Heavyweights", led by the America's only true political Heavyweight...Chris Christie! Scott Walker, Charles and David's personal paid in full BoyToy, is making strides towards for a shot at moving into 1600 Penn. And Jeb Bush, appears to be ready to "hunker down" in the GOP Clowns' Road Show.
2 potential candidates that have spent their entire political careers moving from one controversy and scandal to another...and have become infamous for those incidents, rather than for their accomplishments in political office! Christie, an obsessively Rude, Disrespectful, and Tactless politico, who, as the voting public takes an extended look...the more turned off they become. Scott Walker's political and personal life has been one big mystery....from school till now!...but slowly, his closet is being pried open. It's what sucks of being a Politician!...sooner or later, everyone finds out! Honesty from a person universally known, by both end of the political a public liar!?!?
And finally!!...another Bush! His baggage is his downfall. Yes! Jeb Bush, the Hispanic-American! You can just here Barbara and George in their New England Wasp tone; I thought "Little Darkie" was our Grandson? what happen to Jeb? What did happen? 48 or so hours of "no comment" by Jeb and his Staff, before joking it away as a stupid mistake. It takes real stupidity to mark under "Hispanic" instead of under White or Caucasian...alphabetical order or not..."H" doesn't resemble "W" or "C"!! Which brings me back to my thought; Why wait so long to finally comment? I look at it simply as a natural act of stupidity, by a human being...others might make something out of it, more than it really is. But you can't continue on 'that' road, Jeb!...if you want to continue on the road to the White House!
It's going to be a great show Who's going to come out of the debates looking like a Clown? who's going to come out looking like a Winner? who's going to come out the Winner and still look Stupid? That person?...will be the Republican Nominee!
Why The GOP Primary Debates Are Must-See TV

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