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2016 Elections: Substance Vs Insulting Political Ignorance

Posted on the 28 September 2016 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
"Good Television News is always Substance over Form" ~~~ Jessica Savitch
Well? Donald Trump may have the greatest "Form" in the history of mankind, 'believe me'! he probably said so, himself!...but! when it comes down to the nitty gritty of the reality of being on live national TV, in front of the world, one on one in a Presidential Debate?...where's the Substance? In Trump's case, it should be more like "Where's the Beef"?!?! Folks! you just can't fix stupid!!
For the first few minute or so, Donald Trump actually acted respectful and polite, a little seldom seen decorum from Le Grande Orange...but, being respectful never has been his didn't take long for the Orangutan inside of him to come out firing! loudly interrupting Clinton 25 times in the next 26 minutes!
To FactCheck or not to FactCheck...'that', was the question of the night. And for the first time in American Political History, the issue of fact-checking has become a major issue in these debates. Trump didn't want to be fact-checked (who cares about knowing the truth in Trump's little own world of Lies?...certainly not his supporters). Clinton, on the other hand, requested that people fact-check Trump's answers and her answers...see who's lying.  The networks decided not to do live fact-checking cause they didn't feel it should be the Moderator's job to just fact-check everything that comes out of the Candidates' mouths.
But the concerns of having a compulsive serial liar like Donald Trump answering a load of questions during a debate has made America much more aware now...aware of a common political practice...rhetorical political lies. Bloomberg TV dissented from the other Networks and had real-time fact-checking while televising the entire Debate. The New York Times ran real-time fact-checking, so did the Washington Post, and other papers around the country. Naturally, FactCheck and the other Fact Checking sites went all out, too.
The general consensus among all fact-checkers was that the Trumpster overwhelmingly won the Great Liars' Debate Game with 1 Falsehood every 3 minutes and 15 seconds in the 90 minutes of Debate. But, it wasn't the best of nights for misogynist Donald in the actual Debate Scorecard, where he overwhelmingly took a humiliated whupping by a Woman! Every certifiable commentator, pundit, pollster, analyst, and journalist said; "An Overwhelming Victory", "A Blowout win for Hillary Clinton", Clinton Takes Round One".
But, Trump still had his faithful flock at FoxNews, Drudge, and Breitbart News, all enthusiastic, giving Trump the accolades of the greatest winner of a debate in Debate History...sounds so much, Trump?!?! Oh, wait! Breitbart News? Isn't Breitbart's Steve Bannon running Trumps Campaign? A little conflict of interest between 2 scoundrels in a political campaign is nothing new...add Matt Drudge and FoxNews to this mix of manure, and you have the makings of a strong national competitor...for "Waste Management"!
Performances in Debates tells a lot about a person's true character and inner strength, and it also shows that intelligence and preparation are the equation for a better debate...Trump failed in every category of the so-called Debate of the Century.
His performance? well, he finally admitted...after relatively easy baiting by his opponent...that he really is a shyster that's always looking for loopholes for the sole purpose of not having to pay taxes, or not paying any of his debts back to anyone, whatsoever.
Hillary Clinton on Trump's Tax debacle; “The only years that anybody’s ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to State Authorities when he was trying to get a Casino License, and they showed he didn’t pay any Federal Income Tax.”
Trump's reply? “That makes me smart.” I guess not smart enough cause you just unwantedly let that big cat out of the bag, but still smart enough to screw the US Government of how many $Millions throughout the years?
It pretty much means Donald Trump has systematically, through the years...using every legal loophole possible...avoided paying any of his fair share of Taxes. Ahhyup! Mr. Drumpf is a real patriotic civic-minded long as he doesn't have to pay his debts back, naturally. And this man wants to make us Great Again by using all his failed business acumen? Oy Vey!!
It was all downhill for Trump throughout the debate...till his"stamina" gave out. His screwball idle chatter...shades of Sarah Palin...about "The Cyber", made Rolling Stone's "WTF Moment of the Debate". It also resulted in the New York Daily News' headline: "The real Loser of the Debate was the English Language".
On Bankruptcies: Clinton; “You’ve taken business bankruptcies six times.” Trump; “On occasion...four times...we used certain laws that are there.” Yea! that's the Trumpster! a man who very publicly has demonstrated by either his actions or his words, his believes that Assets and Property are worth more than a Human Life in his tiny degenerate mind.
It's no surprise who won the Debate, it was pretty well unanimous in this country, and unanimous throughout the world...except for all the White Nationalist Movements throughout, who believe Heir Drumpf is the second coming of their mighty Lord, Adolf.
When Republican Analyst Frank Luntz's Focus Group of 20 voted 16-6 for Hillary as the winner, it's just not good news for the GOP. The conclusion? Trump appeared his usual self...And the sign of a loser who lost 'his' stamina. Blaming his loss on everyone else cause his Microphone was defective (though, everyone heard those defective Sniffles), and even his other talking point, maybe that was part of the "rigged" debate.
No Donald, you lost! you got your big derriere handed to you on a silver platter, cause Clinton was prepared for the Debate, with the Intelligence and all the substance needed to become the next President of the United States, while you were in your usual form...raising your own personal level of stupid to greater heights, becoming an embarrassment for what the United States truly stands for, and the real embellishment of what's wrong with America.
Hillary dominates — and Donald Trump gave the worst debate performance of any candidate ever -

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