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2015 New Year Resolutions and Some Personal Chit Chat!

By Lolarose @LolaRoseBlogger
Hi girlies,
This post is a little bit on the personal side of things for me, but it is the sort of post I love reading so I've decided to share it with you.
2015 New Year Resolutions and Some Personal Chit Chat!(Image sourced from pinterest)In previous years, I tend to give new year's resolutions a miss as I know I will never stick to them, but this year I have made myself more realistic ones that I hope to follow.
Worry less, For me, the thought of a new year always fills me with worry, this is down to a mixture of past experiences and also due to my anxiety (this is a element of my personality that very few know about) I literally worry about anything and everything so the thought of a new year filled with ups and downs essentially terrifies me, even though I wish it didn't! This is why number one on my list of resolutions is to worry less! This year I will be beginning a PR internship in a well known Irish PR agency, which I am delighted about, however I am also extremely nervous so I am hoping my first step into the big pond will teach me to grow as a person as well as in my future career.
Document life, when I say this I don't mean just 'instagram worthy' pictures! I want to take pictures of memories that I can look back on in later life, as  this is one thing I am terrible at doing. Admittedly, I will never miss an opportunity to take a picture of an amazing looking restaurant dessert but I fail to take pictures of things like my family and friends, not just when we are about to go on a night out but when we are doing simple things.
Drink more water, I am addicted to fizzy drinks and my mom and I are known to go through a 2 liter bottle daily, shameful, I know! So this year I plan to drink a hell of a lot more water, for my skin and health's sake!
Exercise and diet, ah yes, your stereotypical new year's resolution. This isn't something I plan on doing excessively, if I'm honest I just want to loose my Christmas padding shall we say and become fit! I have ordered Charlotte from Geordie Shore's 3 minute belly blitz as my first ever fitness DVD purchase and I have my slimming world membership sorted! This is something I plan to start as of Monday the 5th of January and I might even document my journey on my blog, no matter how short lived it is!
Start squatting again! This is possibly the only form of exercise I have ever enjoyed doing. I started squatting regularly before my holiday in August of 2014 and I really noticed an instant difference, as did others, to the shape and tone of my gluts so this is definitely something I plan to keep up all year round. An ass isn't just for summer ladies, it's for life!
Blog more often I have really gotten back into the swing of blogging after a ridiculous amount of time off so this is something I plan on keeping up. I am really enjoying taking pictures for my blog thanks to my new iPhone 6 and it's amazing camera and I even plan on giving my blog a little makeover, so watch this space!
Take my make up off at bedtime! This is a resolution I am doing for my 40 year old self as I know it is then that I will be grateful! I am such a bad offender of this blogger crime and I have been treated to some fab Clarins skincare products to give me the kick start I need, so no excuses!
This has become a very wordy post but I hope you feel like you know me a little better, even if it is just my bad habits I have shared! 
Until next time girlies, Lola Rose x

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