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2015 Golden Globes: The Best

By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista
It's that time of year again! Awards season! I'm a little late getting my favorites (and least favorites...coming soon!) up on ze blog, but I was entertaining people Sunday night and then I crashed and went to bed. Sue me. 
Fashion this year was ...interesting. We all kept commenting that a lot of the dresses and hairstyles looked like something we wore to prom. In 2004. But there were quite a few standouts!
2015 Golden Globes: The Best There was a lot of silver on the red carpet this year, which was a nice change from previous years' white trend. It worked on some, like Reese here - who looked like a gorgeous, blond disco ball, but not on others.  2015 Golden Globes: The Best In my head, if we were ever to meet, Emma Stone and I would be great friends. We'd hang out all the time and I'd miraculously lose 80 pounds so that we could share clothes. Like this gorgeous jumpsuit. I love everything about it. Except that weird bow. That has to go, 2015 Golden Globes: The Best More pants! Seriously, I am all for the ladies rocking beautiful pantsuits on the red carpet. Keep it coming, Hollywood!  2015 Golden Globes: The Best Kate Hudson looked gorgeous in this dress. I am so jealous. It was the perfect combination of classy and sexy. And that amount of train is just superb. 2015 Golden Globes: The Best Dakota Johnson just really does nothing for me. However, this dress. Another glorious disco ball. I want it. I would wear it everywhere. 2015 Golden Globes: The Best This almost strays too close to wedding dress territory. But, I would totes wear that if I were getting married. It's so flattering and timeless! And I love the mirrored belt! 2015 Golden Globes: The Best Anna, my old friend! I love this dress. It looks so wonderful on her, and I love the detailing and neckline. I just wish she had done something a little more exciting with her hair/makeup... 2015 Golden Globes: The Best Yellow was another big color on the carpet. I love how bright and cheery it is, and it works on Naomi Watts in a way that it never would on me (also, bonus Liev Schriber). She looks absolutely gorgeous and I loved her snake necklace! 2015 Golden Globes: The Best Gina Rodriguez is my new fave (and clearly I need to watch Jane the Virgin stat). Her speech was beautiful, and her gorgeous, simple black dress was absolutely perfect. 2015 Golden Globes: The Best Another disco ball! Kate Beckinsale has been gorgeous for the last 20+ years, so it's no surprise that she looked beautiful at the Globes. Again, I would wear this dress in a heartbeat. If I had somewhere to wear it, that is... 2015 Golden Globes: The Best HI CUMBERBABY! I adore this dress. I want it. In full-length. In knee-length. However. I loved the print, the cut, everything. And Sophie Hunter paired her hair and makeup so well. Love.  2015 Golden Globes: The Best Let's all just admit that we want to be Heidi Klum. The end. 2015 Golden Globes: The Best Miss Golden Globes! Who knew Kelsey Grammar could make someone so pretty? I loved this youthful dress. It made me so happy every time she awkwardly directed someone offstage.  2015 Golden Globes: The Best Bow to the queen. Emily Blunt is awesome, and this simple grecian dress was absolutely perfect on her. If I could somehow get my skintone to work with white, this would be exactly what I'd choose for my dream beach destination wedding! 2015 Golden Globes: The Best Another yellow dress! Leslie Mann kept it simple and by god did it work. This form-fitting number was just gorgeous.  2015 Golden Globes: The Best Werk, Jane Fonda. I want to be that hot when I'm old. Or now... 2015 Golden Globes: The Best I WANT THIS DRESS SO BAD OH EM GEE. Ellie Kemper usually chooses dresses I don't particularly like. Nor do I normally like gray dresses. But this one. GIMME.
That rounds up my favorites. Stay tuned for the worst of the worst and those I just couldn't decide about!

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