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2013 Racing Statistics

By Alyssa_dld @alyssa_dld
I did this last year and it was fun! So here it is again.
Races/Events participated in: 14Races "raced": 7DNFs/DNSs: 0!Volunteered at: 3Miles raced: ~542
2013 Racing Statistics
Distances:10k: 1Half Marathon: 2Marathon: 1Sprint Triathlon: 2Olympic Triathlon: 1Half Ironman: 2200 mile relay: 150 mile bike: 1Metric Century: 32013 Racing Statistics
New to me distance: Marathon2013 Racing Statistics
States run in: Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin2013 Racing Statistics
Weather:Hottest Race: Great Illini Challenge  (95 degrees with a heat index of 105 + very little shade and running during the hottest part of the day) also so hot that my phone overheated

2013 Racing Statistics

But I still got this trophy

Coldest race: f^3 Half Marathon
Windiest Race: toss up between Potosi Brewery Ride and the Udder Century
2013 Racing Statistics

Longest: Ragnar Relay
2013 Racing Statistics

Races for free: 3!
Race entries I paid for others: 1 for Matt
Total spent: $740.87
Average cost per race ($740/14): $52.92
Average cost per mile ($740/542): $1.37
Cheapest Race: Arlington 500 bike ride ($10) and South Shore Half Marathon ($20 day of)
Most expensive race: Great Illini Challenge ($166.63)
Participation medals: 7
Age Group medals: 1

2013 Racing Statistics

10k* - 56:56
Half Marathon - 2:00:10
Marathon* - 4:22:23
Sprint Tri - 1:25:10 (the distances all vary but I had faster paces)
Olympic Tri - 3:00:51
Half Ironman - 6:08:29
*indicates new to me distance
Placed in Age Group: 2
2013 Racing Statistics
Races run alone: 5 Races run with others: 9  (did not necessarily run next to but met up with)      -Kelly, Kim, Rachel, Erin, Laura, Heather, Lauren, Matt, coworkers at Ragnar, lots of bloggers at Venus de Miles + many others I'm sure I'm forgetting now

2013 Racing Statistics

At the South Shore Half in Milwaukee

Races run without music: 9Races run in costume: 0 - must change in 2014!

Best of:Medal:
2013 Racing Statistics


2013 Racing Statistics

Just because the back says "DIG THE BIG PIG GIG"

2013 Racing Statistics

Race Goodies: IronGirl closely followed by Venus de Miles
2013 Racing Statistics

Race photographer: 
2013 Racing Statistics


2013 Racing Statistics

Herky all the way

 Post race beer: 

2013 Racing Statistics

Cave Ale


2013 Racing Statistics

Udder Century and the cows

 Most relieved to be done:

2013 Racing Statistics

Ragnar 3rd leg over

Race Buddy:

2013 Racing Statistics

I still need a picture of us in our matching trisuits

  • I lost one pair of sunglasses due to a bat this year. In addition to the bat I saw 4 weasels, a snack, 2 possum, many deer, and plenty of other animals this year.
  • I ran with a lot of friends this year for training runs and I loved it.  I need to do this more. 
  • I was very close to a lot of my goals this year including breaking 2 hours in the half marathon and breaking 3 hours in the Olympic triathlon.  I know I can get there but 2014 is going to be focused on the Ironman so I don't know if it will happen this year.
  • I'm still getting faster and I can push myself harder than I think. Mental strength will be important this year!
  • I spent countless dollars on new equipment and clothing.  Next year I should track that. On second thought, maybe that's not a good idea.
  • I participated in 6 more races than in 2012 (14 vs. 8) and only spent about $40 more. I've already spent over $700 for 2014 though. 
  • No injuries this year!

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